A Building and a Beginning...

This is what our building looked like before Made You Look was born! We decided that if we were going to open and run such an experimental business we needed to own the building it would be housed in. We wanted the security of being able to grow the business slowly, without being swallowed up by rent before we got off the ground. So we went hunting for the right place….

We knew we wanted to be on Queen Street, a strip that is branded by art and creativity. We also wanted to have apartment rental units above that would contribute to the economic health of our mission and also provide us with a place to live…

We looked at over 15 properties between Leslie Street to the East and Roncesvalles to the West. We wanted to own a building in a neighborhood that had yet to be discovered, where the price was right and would provide us with a blank canvas on which to make our mark!…

The day the plywood hoarding came down, to reveal our brand new facade the jewellers were already using the studio ,busy getting their collections ready for the grand opening!

It was love at first sight with the building at 1338 Queen Street West. Little did we know how right it was! For 15 years I have lived above the shop, in 2 of the 4 apartments over the years. My Son Simon now lives in one of the units with his girlfriend Sam.

To start something big with a vision for the long-term, creating a strong root system is key….

This was not a get rich quick endeavor, but instead, a lifestyle choice, a movement, and a commitment to nurturing and watching a unique creative community flourish. It is family, it is home.

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