Costume Jewellery Repair Toronto

Costume jewellery repair services in Toronto


Has one of your favourite costume jewellery pieces become unstuck? We can re-stick it for you! Come see us in Parkdale, Toronto for all your costume jewellery repair needs. Although gluing may appear to be a simple task, using the right kind of glue for the right material is key for long-term success. Leave it to the pros! Epoxy, cementing, and chemical bonding, we do it all. Depending on the circumstances and the metals and materials involved, there are instances where we will suggest soft soldering a piece of broken jewellery. Soft solder is kind of like a metal glue, the advantage is that there is only minimal heat used.



General Gluing & Bonding - Starts at $18

Epoxy, cementing, and chemical bonding to repair and re-glue your jewelry.

Soldering - Starts at $25

Repair services for metal jewellery using a soldering tool.

Why Choose Our Costume Jewellery Repair Services?

At Made You Look, we know that every piece of costume jewelry carries its own unique charm and story. Our Costume Jewelry Repair Services are dedicated to preserving your favorite accessories, ensuring they continue to dazzle and delight. Whether it's a vintage find or a budget-friendly fashion accessory you don’t want to get rid of, we would be happy to restore your beloved baubles.

Specialized Expertise:
Our team of jewellery experts specializes in the intricate world of costume jewelry. From securing loose stones to fixing clasps and restoring colourful details, we understand the unique challenges that come with these ornate pieces.

Preserve Your Favorites:
Costume jewelry represents a unique fashion statement and likely holds some sentiment too. Our goal is to preserve the essence of each piece, ensuring it remains a cherished piece that’s oh-so-YOU.

Comprehensive Repairs:
Whether it's a broken chain, missing beads, or a tarnished finish, our comprehensive repair services cover a wide range of issues. No detail is too small for our team!

Color Match Expertise:
We pay meticulous attention to color matching, ensuring that any replaced components seamlessly blend with the original design. Your jewelry will look as good as new, without losing its distinctive character.

Efficient Turnaround:
We understand the excitement of reuniting with your favorite accessories. Our repairs typically take 1-3 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the project. Our streamlined repair process ensures a quick turnaround, so you can get back to showcasing your unique style.