Permanent Bracelets in Toronto

Made You Look Jewellery now offers permanent bracelets in our Toronto studio, and we do anklets and necklaces too! Sometimes known as forever bracelets or welded bracelets, they’re a fun alternative to friendship bracelets and a unique way for couples to show their love. Come by solo or with a friend and we’ll hook you up with a piece of jewellery that is welded on permanently. It’s a fun fashion trend that makes a lasting mark and takes away the fuss with that darn clasp! With these simple accessories, you’re always dressed and ready to go. For welded bracelets in Toronto, we’ve got the fix.


Please note that an appointment is needed for this service.


If you are trying to book an appointment and the time you want is not available, then it has already been booked by someone else. Sorry! Please book a different time. Walk-in appointments are available if you happen to catch us at a quiet time. However, due to the popularity of this service, we strongly suggest booking an appointment in advance.

Permanent Jewellery for Special Events

Are you interested in offering permanent jewellery at your corporate event? Wedding? Birthday Party? Please visit the page below for more info.


How It Works

Permanent bracelets in Toronto at Made You Look Jewellery


Please note that an appointment is needed for this service.



For Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold Filled, and Rose Gold Filled Chains – price including welding fee is roughly $70 – $100 +HST.

For 10k – 14k Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold Chains – price ranges from $150 – $550+HST depending on the chain.

Pricing explained:

  • Welding Fee: $35+HST (bracelets over $250 – welding fee is waived)
  • All of our chains are sold by the inch. Wrist sizes typically range between 6 – 10 inches.
  • We do Permanent Anklets as well – Ankles typically range between 8 – 12 inches
  • Permanent Bracelets in Sterling Silver – starting at $5+HST per inch
  • Permanent Bracelets in Gold Filled (base metal core – thick gold plating) – starting at $7.50 per inch
  • Permanent Bracelets in 10k and 14k Solid Gold – Starting at $20+HST per inch
  • Silver, Gold Filled and Gold Charms for Permanent Bracelets are available – $12 – $90+HST

We typically have about 20 different chains to choose from and the styles change based on availability.

Permanent jewellery Toronto

Please note that this is a sample of our current bracelets. Styles change according to availability.


Please note that an appointment is needed for this service.