Jewellery Plating In Toronto

Over time the plating on a piece of jewellery can wear away and expose the metal underneath. If you need your piece to be re-plated, and we can help!

Are you looking for gold plating for jewellery, or to rejuvenate your cherished jewellery items? Your quest ends here! At Our Toronto-based jewellery store, we specialise in plating jewellery to make your pieces look their absolute best.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship, we specialize in various plating techniques to suit your preferences. Whether it's gold plating jewellery, or adding a durable rhodium coating, we handle each piece with precision and care. 

Every plating job is unique and although we strive to bring your jewellery back to its original condition we are still working with a pre-loved item that may continue to show some wear and tear.


Yellow or Rose Gold plating  Starting at $110
Rhodium Plating  Starting at $95
Plating Removal  Starting at $85

Convenience is paramount, Made You Look is located at Queen and Dufferin in Toronto, and we are here to help! Allow us to revitalize your jewellery with our attentive plating services. Our store hours can be found here, come by anytime!

Why settle for lacklustre jewellery when you can give your jewellery new life? Our plating services can make your jewellery look like new again, perfect for enhancing your style and making a statement.

So if you’re looking for a top-notch plating service our Toronto jewellery store, is the place to be. We understand the sentimental value attached to your jewellery. That's why we take pride in offering exceptional jewellery plating services that preserve the integrity and beauty of your treasured pieces.