Welcome to Made You Look Jewellery Store Toronto

Toronto’s famous indie jewellery store. Representing over 100 local jewellery designers. Specializing in wedding and engagement rings, jewellery repairs and alteration services.

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Where You’ve Seen Us


Wedding & Engagement

In our Toronto jewellery shop and on our website we feature an amazing selection of finely crafted ready-to-wear handmade wedding rings and engagement rings. Each jeweller offers a unique approach to designing and creating these symbols of love and commitment.


Custom Design

Our talented in-house designers can create a one-of-a-kind custom jewellery piece, wedding band or engagement ring just for you! Custom designs can originate from your unique ideas or from existing materials and family heirlooms.


Our Jewellery

There are many jewellery stores in Toronto but only one showcasing the work of over 100 local Canadian jewellery designers, 20 of whom create their work on-site. We proudly offer a diverse selection of high-end precious jewellery, fashion jewellery, costume and wearable art pieces.


Permanent Bracelets

Permanent bracelets are here! We are offering this service 7 days a week, by appointment. We have a rotating selection of gold and silver chains to choose from. Add a ready-made or custom charm to customize it!


Services & Repairs

Our shop specializes in all types of jewellery repair and services. From precious to costume jewellery, we can fix, alter and refurbish your pieces to look like new or better! Contact or come in any time to show us your jewellery, no appointment necessary.


About Us

We are Toronto’s best jewellery store for choosing a special gift, custom design, wedding and engagement rings or to get advice on jewellery you have or jewellery repairs you need. We offer an attentive, informative and down-to-earth approach in a casual and inspiring environment.


Of all the jewellery stores in Toronto you picked Toronto’s best jewellery store for custom jewellery design, so that is step #1! We are home to some of Toronto’s best custom jewellers. Inquire with us in store or via email about your custom jewellery ideas. You can start by checking out our in-house jewellery designers, in person or online, to see who catches your eye and best matches your style. Once we have established the details of the project, a quote for your custom jewellery design will be provided and a deposit is required to start the work. Working with a jewellery designer on your handmade jewellery piece typically consists of 1 to 3 meetings where you will see drawings or wax models before completion of the final work. Our famous Toronto jewellery shop has been in business for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on offering a unique, memorable and inspiring custom jewellery experience.

Our Toronto jewelry shop is open 7 days a week and we have a huge selection of engagement rings and wedding bands that can be tried on. Our wedding band and engagement ring display features the work of over 30 local jewelry designers and everything is available to be tried on and is available for sale. Our engagement rings and wedding bands are made using precious materials such as gold and platinum, including diamonds and other gemstones. We also offer some more unusual materials such as titanium, zirconium, meteorite and wood. Having the chance to try on our rings in person, in our beautiful Toronto store, is a wonderful experience and we are here to guide through all of the options and choices.

Our Toronto jewelry store showcases the work of over 100 local designers, so needless to say there are many great pieces to choose from that are ready made and available to purchase today.  We can even alter or modify our jewelry that is on display so it is adjusted to suit you best.  We can add custom engraving or a birthstone to an existing piece to personalize it for you.  If you are looking for something specific there are over 20 jewelry designers who work on-site and are available to create custom jewelry just for you. Tell us your unique idea and we will match you with the best Toronto jewelry designer to custom make this piece for you. Re-using family gems is a great way to make an ethical stone choice.  We can create a design that suits you and works for the size and shape of the stone you have. Stones can even be re-cut to create a new look! We have been making custom jewelry for over 20 years and it is a very special and rewarding experience for both our customers and our jewellers.

Our engagement rings and wedding bands are handmade by Toronto’s top independent jewelry designers. We are offering some of the most unique pieces that are available in Toronto and nationwide. Many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind using hand selected, diamonds, sapphires and other rare and unusual gemstones. Our jewelry designers are incredibly talented, outside the box thinkers, who are pushing the boundaries and bringing forward something that can not be compared to anything else on the market. Our wedding bands and engagement rings are for customers who are seeking excellence in quality, craftsmanship and customer service. Our customers want to shop local, support a bricks and mortar business and have a unique retail experience. Getting to see and try on our jewelry in person is also very special. We can’t imagine making this kind of purchase online without seeing the ring in real life first! Visit our shop anytime, we are open 7 days a week. Our experienced staff members are here to help you make the perfect choice. Our wedding bands and engagement rings are designed to Make You Look!

All of the diamonds used in our Toronto jewelry store are sourced and certified to be in accordance with the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process (KP) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. To read more click here.

Resources Canada has a Green Mining Initiative, so Canadian diamonds are a popular choice for ethically-minded consumers. This initiative regulates greener mining practices, from using cleaner vehicles on mine sites, water protection and conservation, to flora and fauna restoration after mining has ceased. Canadian diamonds can be more expensive due to higher wages for miners and market demand.

Diamonds are highly controlled with more regulatory bodies in place than other gemstones, so you can feel secure in your diamond jewelry purchase from our shop. Lab grown diamonds are another great choice. Lab-created stones are as brilliant and full of sparkle as traditionally mined diamonds. If you are interested in learning more about ethical diamond choices and lab-grown jewelry options please inquire via email or speak with us in-store.

The vibrancy of our shops and stores on our main retail streets in Toronto play a profound role in the well being of our communities. Many small independent retailers take great pride in offering high quality, beautifully crafted items that are made with integrity and support our larger social fabric. By shopping in these local stores you are putting your money where your values are. When gifts are given that are one-of-a-kind they can carry more meaning and are held on to with even more significance. At Made You Look all of our jewellery falls into this category but can be taken to the next level with unique customizations, such as engraving, setting birthstones, or adding fingerprints. There is a real awakening that is occurring and people are realizing that if we don’t take care of the things that we value, they might not be around forever. Every time someone shops in a bricks and mortar store, an angel gets its wings 🙂 Yes, shopping local and in-person matters!

In our Toronto Jewellery store we offer so many options beyond the classic diamond solitaire engagement ring.  For example, many of our clients choose sapphires as the focal point of their engagement ring. Did you know that sapphires come in every colour of the rainbow, including soft pastel colours like light peach or teal or grey?!  Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on earth, they are a 10/10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is one of the reasons they have been so compelling to use in jewellery, both for symbolic and practical reasons. Sapphires are a 9/10 on the hardness scale so they are a wonderful alternative to diamonds and can offer an almost equal amount of durability over the long term.

We also sell alternatives to the traditional white diamond, including salt and pepper diamonds, champagne, cognac or chocolate diamonds and black diamonds. While not considered “flawless” due to variations in colour and inclusions they have increased in popularity in fine jewellery for their charm and uniqueness.

Couples that shop in our Toronto jewellery store enjoy shopping for their engagement ring and wedding bands together. It is no longer something that one person is expected to do in secret.  Couples come into the shop and check out all of the options as a team. Often they leave the store with a ring on their hand, and in other cases, a partner may take notes and come back solo to make the final choice. We encourage this new way of doing things as it sets out clear expectations regarding design, aesthetics and budget. Going on a date to a fancy jewellery store to choose an engagement ring together, can be a very romantic and memorable occasion. Couples are also breaking free from the tradition of choosing “matching” wedding bands. Rings can always be custom engraved with a wedding date or other unique inscriptions that connect the rings in a more subtle way.

Our bridal clients typically come into our store with a long list of questions and considerations before they make their final purchase. Quality issues have become a huge concern with these kinds of purchases. Customers end up in our store with poorly made online jewellery that need repairs or re-sizing. We are proud to offer fine jewellery in a unique bricks and mortar store where clients get to speak directly with jewellery professionals and learn about the best choices for them. We have a huge selection of rings to choose from, to try on and enjoy.  Often our customers remark on how we have given them a lot of comfort and reassurance which reaffirms the value of shopping in person.

All of our jewellery repair and jewellery alteration services happen right on-site. There are 20 jewellers who work here, all with their own unique specialty services.  When you drop off your jewellery at our Toronto shop, it gets passed along to the most appropriate jeweller, based on your unique jewellery repair needs.  Our shop offers all standard jewellery repair services but we specialize in vintage and heirloom jewellery as well as costume jewellery and other unusual materials too.  We do custom jewellery engraving as well as watch repair services on-site too. We are proud to offer a long list of jewellery repair services and there is no request that is too large or too small.

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