Collection: Peter Van Walraven

Peter van Walraven grew up in the suburbs and wilderness of Ontario. He is the artist and mind behind his jewellery brand, van Walraven Goudsmid, founded in 2016. Rocks and gemstones are his passion; he has always been captivated by Earth's history and raw, natural beauty. With a degree in Geology from Laurentian University and as a certified gemmologist through the Canadian Gemmological Association, Peter has a vast knowledge of gemstones. 

As a lover of art and science, jewellery design and creation is where those two passions became one. As an award-winning artist, Peter likes to infuse a personal touch to his jewellery, making each piece unique, like its owner. With a broad understanding of traditional and modern materials and techniques from his training at Georgian College, Peter is fearless in trying and making jewellery out of anything.