Our Studio

Made You Look is Toronto’s largest collective of professional jewellery makers under one roof and is an integral part of the metal and jewellery arts community.  Our studio is a one-of-a-kind environment and it is fueled by the talent within. 

The designers have the opportunity to interact with clients and the public has the opportunity to see jewellery in the making. Made You Look is home to up and coming designers and established jewellery artists alike. Jewellers can maximize their creative potential in an inspirational, co-operative environment, without the burden of high start-up costs and overhead expenses. 

There are approximately 20 self-employed jewellery designers who create on-site in our fully-equipped jewellery manufacturing facility. Each designer is running their own independent business. We have professional jewellers from all over the world, adding to our rich culture and community. Designers pay a flat monthly fee and the studio is open 24 hours as day, 7 days a week.

Looking to join our studio?

Bench Rent Prices:

$400+HST Part Time

$600+HST Full Time

Please call us at: 416-463-2146

Please email us at: studio@madeyoulook.ca

Made You Look is home to over 20 self-employed jewellery designers who make and sell their jewellery on-site the state of the art studio and well established retail environment. All jewellery manufacturing operations happen under one roof at this Queen Street West location in Toronto.

Are you a jeweller looking for production services?

Find out more about the services that made you look provides to the members of the jewellery community on our industry services page which can be found here:

We are committed to helping you meet all of your jewellery manufacturing needs. Unique artisanal handmade jewellery must be handled and processed in a personalized way. Thought and care go into each piece and every step along the way. Our services can be customized to meet your unique needs.