Custom Design jewellery

A custom designed piece is a great way to bring some of your own spirit into a piece of jewellery and give a gift that is sure to be very well received! Whether you’re looking to custom design your own engagement ring or commemorate a significant life event, we’ll guide you along every step of the design journey to create the perfect piece.

How It Works


Choose a Designer

All of our designers have exceptional skills, not only in jewellery making but in working with customers to understand your unique ideas and bringing them to life. There may be a designer who specializes in the specific technique that you are looking for and we can help to connect you to the right person.

If you are looking to be inspired, our best recommendation is to visit the shop and check out our designers’ work in person. This will help you to decide whose work you like best. The same can be done online by checking out the designers’ portfolios. For custom engagement ring designs and custom wedding bands, check out their wedding and engagement portfolios.

A client meeting with a jewellery for a custom engagement ring in Toronto.

Meet for an Initial Consultation

When you have chosen a designer, we will arrange for you to have a meeting with them either in one of our private meeting rooms, or virtually via Zoom. Here we will learn more about your ideas, hopes, and wishes. Once the scope of the project is understood the designer will provide you with a plan and estimate(s). Meeting frequencies and duration will factor into the final price of the commissioned piece.

How to prepare for your meeting: The more you know about what you want, the better. Please share any visuals you have as inspiration. If you’d like to describe your ideas verbally, that works too. Commissioning a piece of custom jewellery will cost more than buying a piece that is ready-made. Having realistic expectations is important.

Project Kickoff + Deposit

You’ve met your designer and you’re ready to get things started – hurray! At this step, we will ask for a $350+HST design and development fee and the designer will produce drawing(s) and/or a wax model for you. This fee includes stone sourcing as well. Once the prototype(s) have been approved, we will ask for a 50% deposit to complete the work. The balance is due upon completion. Gemstones valued at $5000+ will need to be paid upfront, in full. The starting price for gold pieces is $1500. Silver pieces start at $400.

Each designer’s creative process is a little bit different, so you can rely on your designer to guide you through the steps until your piece is finished!

You can expect a completed piece within 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. More time and additional fees may be required if we’re sourcing something rare, doing extensive research, or making multiple design adjustments.


Some Words From Our Amazing Clients

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful brooch. My mom was over the moon -- she couldn't believe how beautifully crafted the piece was. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this very special keepsake.

- Samantha

I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous care and flawless execution of our engagement ring. The end result was something I could not have even dreamed of—I was stunned when I walked in to pick it up!

- Joe

The final outcome is sharper and more detailed thanI had hoped for. I'm absolutely over the moon with the result. Thank you for such an excellent experience.

- Lewis

We got our two rings to match after our lovely baby boy was born this fall. Wonderfully, your pieces have become beautifully intertwined around significant events in our lives, and I treasure them.

- Jennifer

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out the form below to request a complimentary consultation with your chosen designer. There is no fee for your initial meeting.

** Please note that any quotes given are valid for only two weeks due to fluctuating material prices.**

Custom Design Gallery

Here is a sampling of some of our favourite project to give you an idea of the range and scope of the work that we do.

Pave Button Ring


White and champagne diamonds 0.60tcw pave set in a 14k rose gold signet ring by Pure Brilliance

Lossless Creative Signet Ring


Lossless Creative logo signet ring in sterling silver with black oxidation, by Samantha McAdams

Night Sky Bangle

admin-ajax (2).png__PID:48d1e55d-345c-4724-a8c9-67577569807c

Multiple white diamonds 0.02ct each set in platinum bezels in rubber bracelet, by Pure Brilliance

Dynamic Marquise Pendant

admin-ajax (23).png__PID:afa97459-881c-4933-9eaf-e55ff3e7753e

A dynamic 14k yellow gold asymmetrical pendant  semi-bezel set marquise shaped synthetic alexandrite  by Alastair Crombie

Polaris Halo

admin-ajax (4).png__PID:9c95c5e5-b983-4e7f-8375-24f4ecb88b16

10k white gold featuring large labradorite with silver diamonds and blue sapphire halo by Nadia Werchola

Crysophrase Necklace

admin-ajax (6).jpg__PID:ea1a7ea8-0b73-4352-8ec6-7fe64ba25bc0

Sterling silver chrysophrase pendant with 18k yellow gold claws with pink sapphire accents, by Kathryn Rebecca

Bronze Goblet

admin-ajax (8).png__PID:0d05ad66-8c83-4bfe-ab0f-5f5b5dc5194e

Handmade bronze goblet. Prop made for Mortal Instruments, City of Bones by Aimée Kennedy

Raspberry Charm Bracelet

admin-ajax (9).jpg__PID:2b5b33e8-daf6-425c-946d-8131252a902e

Raspberry charm bracelet in sterling silver by Arsaeus

Forget Me Not Necklace

admin-ajax (7).png__PID:bd9f58f7-0a5b-41ba-a5d1-fe1b08fc8156

Sterling silver flower cluster necklace with citrine gemstone accents by Kathryn Rebecca

Tri Stone Earrings

admin-ajax (10).png__PID:56b9ae17-886f-4fbf-9a68-39e99b34b4c2

14k white gold stud earrings with a cluster of light blue sapphires, oval moonstone cabauchons and the customers diamonds, by Alastair Crombie

Silver Diamond Plate Ring

admin-ajax (11).png__PID:ba4869bc-0db4-436c-b97a-b36f1280a1d4

Oxidized sterling silver "diamond" anti-skid plate textured ring, by Alastair Crombie

Ruby Circuit Ring

admin-ajax (15).jpg__PID:d63fdf67-7eb7-4797-93fb-c216325ed333

14k white gold geometric circuit anniversary ring with prong set and bead set rubies, by Alastair Crombie

Sapphire Hexagonal Ring

admin-ajax (13).png__PID:0f20cde0-151b-4eb9-9194-919bddcd595a

Sterling silver hexagonal entablature ring with blue sapphires, by Alastair Crombie

Fingerpring Orbit Ring

admin-ajax (20).png__PID:fc1f66f5-e1e9-44ba-a526-704d716f7dee

10k yellow gold hand carved, cast and then laser engraved orbit finger print memorial ring, by Alastair Crombie

Bypass Open Shank

admin-ajax (27).jpg__PID:27db6911-7b77-4a83-8938-c673c605dc93

18k yellow gold open shank bypass ring with a bezel set tanzanite and diamond halo by Alastair Crombie

Aquamarine Infinity Bracelet

admin-ajax (29).png__PID:37c180f8-7fda-4623-b9fe-b027aca9e4c2

14k palladium white gold bracelet with bezel set 22ct marquise aquamarine and pave diamonds by  Alastair Crombie

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