10 Stunning Wedding Bands to Say “I Do!” To

Feature Photo by Liane Vaz

When it comes to wedding rings, Made You Look is the go-to spot for folks looking for something unique and filled with love. Carrying traditional styles as well as eclectic, one-of-a-kind finds, you’re sure to find your perfect match with us.

There will be many details and special touches that will embellish your wedding day. Keep in mind that your invitations, flowers, and food will have a shorter lifespan.

Your rings however, will be designed to last a lifetime!

These special rings can have a lot more personality than some people realize. We encourage you to take an extra moment and instead of just ticking a box with your bands, why not give them some more consideration? Not only will these beauties become a touchstone for you and your love all throughout your marriage, but they will become heirlooms and memorabilia for generations to come. What will your rings say about you?

We know what you’re thinking — with pieces that are locally-made and one of a kind, they must break the bank. We pride ourselves in carrying a variety of styles with an equally wide range of price points. It is important to us to make sure we have something for everyone, so as you start to plan for your big day, this little detail is taken care of, and so are you!

The small touches of a wedding is what makes it extra special. One of the many moving parts will be sourcing wedding bands for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Rings can add a lot more personality than some people may think. Your wedding band is an emblem of love exchanged on your wedding day, and then worn every day to remind yourself of the promise and commitment that you made. They signify the uniqueness of your connection and your own individuality within it.

Having been in the jewelry industry for decades, Made You Look specializes in these love-filled pieces. We have a hive of designers in-house, making us Toronto’s largest collective of professional jewellery makers under one roof and an integral part of the metal and jewellery arts community.

The “You” in our business name is meant to empower “You” to be yourself in our space and we are here to guide you towards a choice that has all of the right ingredients for your unique needs.

Here are 10 of our most innovative and up-and-coming designs to inspire you! Including customizable bands, sparkly moments, and everything in between:

Aerys Wedding Band
By Liane Vaz

The hexagonal setting around these brilliant and bright sapphires is what sets this piece apart from the traditional wedding band styles. Playing with shape and sparkle to create something playful while keeping the classic feel.

Fingerprint Wedding Band
By Deborah Lavery

Exchange rings, vows, and fingerprints. These simple bands come with a personal customization: the fingerprints of the person you love. Made by appointment only.

Ouroboros Wedding Band
By Liane Vaz

This ring is a twist on a classic, plain 10k yellow gold wedding band. It has a multi-textured surface, half satin finished and the other half left textured, the individualism is in the details.

Shield Diamond Wave Band
By Yuliya Chorna

This wedding band is shaped to fit around a large-stone engagement ring. This classic style with a splash of non-traditional spice is dotted with small diamonds and centered around an intricate shield-shaped setting.

Mitsuro Wedding Rings
By Alastair Crombie

These bands are styled in a matching couple’s set, one in stainless steel and the other in sterling silver and dotted with black diamonds, intended to be in alignment with each other but each individually unique.

Black Carbon Fiber Ring
By Jon Pollack

This wide-band ring boasts tiny details that make it stand out from the crowd. Not only is the moody black colour a less traditional style for wedding bands, but the grey fiber waves running through it give it the extra one-of-a-kind touch.

North Star Ring
By Nicola Chong

For the stargazing lovers and midnight sky admirers, this bold 14k gold wide stardust band showcases a small engraved star with a white diamond accent. Its simplicity shines like the stars.

Mokume Prince Ring
By Andrea Golden

This dark-coloured and detailed ring is inspired by the stoic stylings of a medieval prince. Adorned with a single diamond and intricate textures to convey an aura of royalty, the dark metal is a contrast to wedding ring tradition, and one that we love.

Stardust Twist Ring
By Nicola Chong

For those who love simple sparkle, this white diamond accented twist ring is just the thing. With a slim band, its dainty feel is complemented by the warm light tone of rose gold.

Areia Fine Diamond Bubbles Ring
By Meg Lizabet

When we say we have some true one-of-a-kind pieces, rings like these are what stand out. This fine 14k yellow gold ring is decorated with tiny bubbles and scattered diamonds, shaping it into something you don’t typically see on a wedding day.

When you are choosing your wedding band, it is so important to find something that feels like it represents you and your love. These pieces of jewellery can reflect your personality and suit your personal style in so many ways, it just takes some searching! If you want to get a good idea of what is available at Made You Look, we would love to welcome you in-store to see every one-of-a-kind piece that we have, and our staff can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. This will also give you a chance to connect with some designers and discuss custom designs, if needed.

Did you know? There are approximately 20 self-employed jewellery designers who create on-site in our fully-equipped jewellery manufacturing facility. Each designer is running their own independent business. We have professional jewellers from all over the country, adding to our rich culture and community. Wearing a ring that has been handmade by an artist is good for the soul, give it a try, we know you’ll love it!

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