Custom Design Jewellery

Creating unique custom designed jewellery is our specialty! Meet with our in-house designers to commission a truly one-of-a-kind piece that’s made especially for YOU. A custom designed piece is a great way to bring some of your own spirit into a piece of jewellery and give a gift that is sure to be very well received! Whether you’re looking to custom design your own engagement ring or commemorate a significant life event, we’ll guide you along every step of the design journey to create the perfect piece.

How It Works


All of our designers have exceptional skills, not only in jewellery making but in working with customers to understand your unique ideas and bringing them to life. There may be a designer who specializes in the specific technique that you are looking for and we can help to connect you to the right person.

If you are looking to be inspired, our best recommendation is to visit the shop and check out our designers’ work in person (click here for store hours and address). This will help you to decide whose work you like best. The same can be done online by checking out the designers’ portfolios. For custom engagement ring designs and custom wedding bands, check out their wedding and engagement portfolios.


When you have chosen a designer, we will arrange for you to have a meeting with them either in one of our private meeting rooms, or virtually via Zoom.  Here we will learn more about your ideas, hopes, and wishes. Once the scope of the project is understood the designer will provide you with a plan and estimate(s). Meeting frequencies and duration will factor into the final price of the commissioned piece.

How to prepare for your meeting: The more you know about what you want, the better. Please share any visuals you have as inspiration. If you’d like to describe your ideas verbally, that works too.  Commissioning a piece of custom jewellery will cost more than buying a piece that is ready-made.  Having realistic expectations is important.


You’ve met your designer and you’re ready to get things started – hurray! At this step, we will ask for a $350+HST design and development fee and the designer will produce drawing(s) and/or a wax model for you. This fee includes stone sourcing as well.  Once the prototype(s) have been approved, we will ask for a 50% deposit to complete the work. The balance is due upon completion. Gemstones valued at $5000+ will need to be paid upfront, in full.

Each designer’s creative process is a little bit different, so you can rely on your designer to guide you through the steps until your piece is finished!

You can expect a completed piece within 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. More time and additional fees may be required if we’re sourcing something rare, doing extensive research, or making multiple design adjustments.

From Our Amazing Clients

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Fill out the form below to request a complimentary consultation with your chosen designer. There is no fee for your initial meeting.

Custom Design Gallery

Here is a sampling of some of our favourite projects to give you an idea of the range and scope of work that we do. Check out this blog post on some of our recent custom projects with the stories behind them!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Come into the shop or inquire with us via email about your project. 2. Pick which designer you would like to work with, by checking out their work in person or on-line. Or have us match you up with the most appropriate designer based on your unique needs. 3. Establish the details of the project. 4. Pay a 50% deposit to start the work. 5. Have 1-3 meetings and see 1-3 drawings or wax model before completion. 6. Pick up the finished piece and pay remaining balance. *Once there is a full and clear understanding of your request, an estimate will be prepared for you. Once you receive your quote, it will be valid for 2 weeks, due to the fluctuating price of gold. *Diamonds and gemstones will be held for 1 week maximum, before being made available to other customers. *Gemstones valued at $5000 and up must be paid for in full.

All of our designers have exceptional skills, not only in jewellery making but in working with customers to understand your unique ideas and bringing them to life. There may be a designer who specializes in the specific technique that you are looking for and we can help to connect you to the right person. If you are looking to be inspired, our best recommendation is to visit the shop and check out our designers work in person. This will help you figure out who’s work you like best. The same can be done on-line by checking out the designers portfolios here: Wedding and Engagement Ring Gallery Custom Designed Gallery Once you know who you would like to work with, we will arrange for you to have a meeting with that designer.

It is not mandatory that you make an appointment. Our gallery is open 7 days a week and our amazing staff are here to answer any questions. In addition to our staff, there are 20 designers on site who are here throughout the day. You are welcome to take a chance and possibly have an impromptu meeting with one of them. However, if you would like to guarantee having a meeting, it is best to make an appointment.

Grab and go works for us! We have a wide variety of finished jewellery that is on display in our gallery and ready to be purchased. There is a huge selection and a wide range of price points and styles. Many of our customers have been very happy presenting something that is ready made. The piece can always be modified after purchase if need be.

You will meet with one of our designers right here at Made You Look. We have 2 meeting rooms that are comfy and private.

The more you know about what you would like to have made, the better. If you would like to describe your ideas verbally, that is great. If you have any visuals, such as images from magazines, from the Internet or your own drawings that is very helpful too. Please bring in anything you have that will help us understand your ideas.

Depending on the nature of the meeting and the complexity of the project, the designer will reserve either a 1/2 hour or full hour for the first consultation. Some meetings can be very quick and efficient and other meetings may require more time. Typically we move at a pace that matches your comfort level.

There are no fees associated with the first meeting. You are welcome to consult with a designer about your idea, free of charge. Once you choose to go ahead with a project, meeting frequencies and duration will factor into the final price of the commissioned piece.

Being able to make decisions and feeling confident about your choices certainly aids the custom design process. With our expert guidance, you should feel at ease with the steps and enjoy the process of watching your custom piece come to life. Have you ever had a couch reupholstered based on looking at a fabric swatch? Tiled a floor by looking at a single tile? What was that experience like for you? Before commissioning a piece of jewellery assess whether or not you are likely to enjoy the experience. It is not for everyone. Choosing something out of the showcase, and simply having it modified can be a nice middle ground for some.

We do understand that there are numerous expenses that go along with planning a wedding. Keep in mind that your wedding rings are an item that are not only significant on ‘the big day’ but they will also be worn and enjoyed every day to follow. For this reason you may choose to increase your budget for these special items so that you are sure that you will be happy with them for a lifetime and not make a compromise that you may later regret. Our specialty is in making jewellery for people who see the value in having something truly precious, crafted and created especially for them.

An estimate is just an estimate. It is a starting point. Often the first price we offer you will be mid-range and we may be able to present options that are more affordable or more expensive, based on your needs.

Your budget is an important part of the custom design process. There are numerous variables that go into creating our estimates. Knowing your priorities is very helpful. Metals, stone quality and carat weights greatly affect our estimates. Changing any one of these variables, even slightly, can greatly influence the price. Labour is also a factor and everyone knows ‘time is money.’ More involved requests will take more time and you should expect to pay accordingly. Having additional meetings, extra email correspondence and more drawings may result in additional charges.

In order to begin working on a project for you, we will require a 50% deposit. Gemstones valued at $5000 and up will need to be paid for in full. Once your piece of jewellery is complete, the balance can be paid off at a pace that works for you, but the piece of jewellery will remain here until it is has been paid for completely.

Good communication is the most essential ingredient when in comes to successful outcomes. It is very important that you are 100% happy with your special piece of jewellery and that you have enjoyed your experience while working with us. Based on our experience working with 1000′s of customers, we have determined that it is fair and reasonable to expect that you can have a beautiful piece of custom jewellery made that you are thrilled about, provided that we follow the parameters, steps and guidelines that we have set out here. If for some reason your expectations have not been met, we will continue to work on a piece until you are completely satisfied. Depending on what solutions are provided, additional charges may or may not be applied.

During your design consultations you will be fully informed about your piece of jewellery and the qualities and or limitations of its materials. Your jewellery designer will educate you on how to look after your piece of jewellery and how to maintain it so it can last a lifetime. Removing your jewellery during heavy activity will help to ensure it’s integrity. If your piece of jewellery requires repair due to a defect in materials or fabrication, the repair will be done free of charge. If your jewellery has become damaged, or deteriorated over time with normal wear, the repair may be subject to normal repair charges. Ring sizing will be done free of charge immediately after purchase or first wearing. Ring sizing due to weight gain or loss, body changes or switching fingers will be subject to normal alteration charges. If small stones are lost within the first 6 months, they will be replaced free of charge. Losing small stones after 6 months may be subject to normal replacement charges. Any piece of jewellery that has been custom made can not be returned and money will not be refunded.

As soon as you place an order, your project gets in line. Each designer needs between 2 and 6 weeks to complete a custom project. If we are sourcing something rare, doing extensive research, making multiples or multiple adjustments to designs, then more time may be required.

If your request needs to be executed within a tight deadline, we will do our best to make that happen. The designer may have to adjust their schedule and other projects may need to be put on hold to make room for your rush job. We may incur rush charges from our suppliers and for that reason similar charges will be applied to your order.

Once confirmation has been established and your deposit has been paid the deposit can not be refunded because work on your project has begun.

We are offering an exceptional, valuable and unique retail shopping experience that can not be matched by an online ‘add to cart’ experience. If you have found a piece of jewellery that you like, but are hoping that we can make the same piece for less money, we may not be the place for you. Our specialty is in making jewellery that doesn’t already exsit and in working with people who see the value in having something truly precious, crafted and created especially for them.

We have a hands on approach to custom design and in every case make our best attempt to ensure that you feel comfortable at each stage. We have numerous tools to help you envision all of the possibilities. Depending on what is being made, you may have 1-3 meetings, 1-3 drawings (either drawn by hand or computer rendered) and/or 1 wax model. By asking questions during your meeting and taking time to understand drawings you should be able to feel confident about what you are ordering?

Yes, any piece of custom jewellery over $1000 will come with an appraisal. The appraisal will describe the piece in full and list the replacement value. If you are interested in having your jewellery insured, we recommend adding it to an existing plan that you may have for your apartment or home.

The short answer is No. Shopping for discount diamonds and gemstones on-line hurts small independent business people. Here at Made You Look we believe in the importance of bricks and mortar businesses and the value they add to a city and it’s culture. We encourage you to reconsider your on-line diamond or gemstone purchase. Instead, we would like to source diamonds and gemstones for you. It may be tempting to try and get the lowest price, but it is very hard to understand the true value of a stone and difficult to know who to trust when buying a diamond on-line. We have had many customers disappointed with their on-line diamond purchases, having been sold something that when appraised does not show to be as valuable as what they were told. We are often asked to validate on-line diamond purchases. We are happy to help, but the reality is that our expertise is worth something and therefor needs to cost something.

Yes, it is certainly possible to use or incorporate existing materials. Using your gemstones is quite straightforward. First we will assess the stones to make sure they are suitable to reuse. Using your old metal to create something new is a labour-intensive process and can be more pricey than you would think. The process of refining the metal to get it ready for reusing can result in being more expensive then simply using new material. Most of our clients can only justify the additional cost when there is sentimental value associated with the old metal. For a small service charge ($60 + HST ) another option is to turn your old metal into cash. You can then use the cash towards having a custom piece of jewellery made.

Gone are the days of should, except that you should feel good about your purchase and the amount of money you spend. The majority of our customers spend between $2500 and $6500 on their engagement rings. As it pertains to diamonds and gemstones, our customers tend to prioritize with gem quality and concern themselves less with size. Our customers shop here because they want something that is truly unique and that has been made with love.

We have a ton of great information about ethical choices. Please give this a read and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit our Ethical Choices when buying Diamonds and Gemstones page for more information.