Ethical Choices

Ethical Stones

All of the diamonds we source are in accordance with the Kimberly Process.  This is an international law that tracks a diamond from rough to consumer to ensure that the stone is conflict free.  Our diamond suppliers have a guarantee on every invoice that certifies that the diamond you are buying is in accordance with the Kimberly Process.

Natural Resources Canada has a Green Mining Initiative, so Canadian diamonds are a great choice. This is initiative regulates greener mining practices, from using cleaner vehicles on mine sites, water protection and conservation, to flora and fauna restoration after mining has ceased.  Canadian diamonds can be more expensive due to higher wages for miners and market demand.

Diamonds are highly regulated.  There are more regulatory bodies in place for diamonds than coloured stones, so they may actually be a safer, more ethical choice.

Use Grandma’s stone.  Re-using family gems is a great way to make an ethical stone choice.  We can create a design that suites you and works for the size and shape of the stone you have. Stones can even be re-cut to create a new look!

Considering a lab grown stone?  Lab grown sapphires and coloured stones are readily available, but range greatly in quality.  Some lab grown stones look better than others.  Lab grown diamonds are still not widely available in Canada.  There are many suppliers on the Internet who sell directly to the public.  Be mindful that not all ‘synthetic’ diamonds are actual diamond material.  It may be a cubic zirconia, which would not hold up well for long term wear.

We hope that the information we have provided has been helpful.  We have numerous documents available to review here in the gallery, should you be interested in learning more.

Ethical Metals

Everybody has different priorities when it comes to making decisions about where you will purchase your special jewellery.  We can assume that if you are interested in Made You Look, not only are you interested in owning something handmade, but perhaps you are also prioritizing with shopping locally and supporting a business that is in your city.  And, if those two things are important to you, then we can also assume that you would like to make sure that the raw materials used are also sourced ethically and responsibly. 

We are happy to tell you that all of our suppliers are working hard to implement better business practices and are insuring that their production processes are being executed with our environment as top priority.  The jewellery industry is dedicated to recycling and improving environmental practices and some of our major suppliers are spearheading these initiatives.

Here are all of the reasons that you can feel good about your choice to have jewellery made here at Made You Look.

We recycle all of our metal – we even sweep up our dust to take to the refinery.  Since metal is valuable, none of it is being wasted.

We can use 100% recycled metal – we have access to several suppliers who provide SCS Certified 100% recycled metal. (SCS Global Services is the certifier of choice for recycled content claims around the world, and for companies seeking certification of their in-house recycling programs.)

We can provide you with information about our suppliers Toxic Reduction Plans, and promises to act responsibly in all areas of production including water, waste and energy management.

You can feel good about shopping locally.  Buying local means you are giving jobs to people in your neighbourhood and keeping money in the local economy.

Everything is made right here, not in a factory overseas.  Many of the artists pick up their supplies on foot, by bike or TTC!

Keep in mind, jewellery is not the only reason for new mining.  Global demand for commodities and use of precious metals in the tech industries also contribute greatly.  Many countries, including Canada, have Green Mining Initiatives and are working to improve safety and standards of living for miners and their families.

Please send us an email or visit the gallery anytime to discuss  this with us in person.