Your Gift Guide to Valentine's Day Jewellery

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited holidays in Canada, and nearly 60 percent of Canadians planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day last year. Some couples mark the occasion with a romantic dinner, while others spend days leading up to the lovers’ holiday finding the perfect gift for their loved one. Even if gift-giving isn’t your love language, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show your significant other how much you appreciate them.

The best Valentine’s Day gifts feel personal, and what could feel more personal than jewellery? But buying jewellery is more challenging than walking to the store and picking the first thing you lay your eyes on. It’s important to be mindful during your shopping spree to ensure that the jewellery you buy illustrates your commitment to your significant other and reflects their unique style. Follow this guide to find the perfect Valentine’s Day jewellery for your partner and bring a smile to their face on the special Day.

Work with a Reputable Jewellery Store

Valentine’s jewellery shopping may seem complicated if you visit the wrong store. Working with a reputable jeweller can take the pressure off your shoulders, as a qualified team of experts can guide you through the process. At Made You Look, we are committed to helping clients find jewellery they love. We offer various exclusive pieces to meet current jewellery trends while ensuring that the jewellery suits different tastes.

Visit our local jewelry store in Toronto and speak to a designer to find the perfect gift for your partner. Our dedicated team can guide you through the shopping process and help you find something based on your taste and budget.

Choose Jewellery That Feels Personal

The primary purpose of Valentine’s jewellery is to showcase your love or appreciation for your partner. Choosing something that feels personal can help them connect to the jewellery and you, making it a memorable experience for both. One of the most personal Valentine jewellery is a handmade item. A key benefit of handmade jewellery is that it is free from the constraints of extensive supply chains, allowing designers to be more creative and flexible with the design. This gives you access to many unique items that make great Valentine’s jewellery gifts.

Another benefit of handmade jewellery is direct access to the designer. When you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please speak to one of our designers, who can help you find the perfect item. Your shopping experience will be more streamlined, removing any intimidation otherwise involved in the Valentine jewellery shopping process.

Determine the Type of Jewellery

Finding the right Valentine’s Day jewellery will seem arduous if you don’t narrow your options. When purchasing jewellery, it’s important to consider the recipient’s interests. Some people enjoy wearing different types of jewellery, while others who prefer minimalism may choose a type they love. Think about what type of jewellery your partner wears the most. Do they usually wear necklaces or bracelets?

Reflect on your partner’s daily attire and figure out what jewellery they usually wear. If they like wearing rings, consider the gold nugget ring available at Made You Look. This hand-engraved sterling silver riverbed ring with 24k gold nuggets was carefully crafted by our designer goldsmith specializes in fine jewellery and custom design, as it is a great choice for shoppers looking for Valentine’s Day rings.

You can find similar Valentine’s Day rings or other items handcrafted by our designers based on what you’re looking for. Each of our designers specializes in different types of jewellery, allowing you to find the perfect Valentine’s jewellery for your partner.

Pay Attention to Your Partner’s Jewellery Preferences

If your partner prefers light, subtle tones and silver metals, getting them gold Valentine’s Day jewellery may not be the best move. It’s important to figure out your partner’s favourite colours and metals to find something that suits their taste and style.

Once you’ve figured out your partner’s favourite colours and metals, speak to our designers and browse through our extensive catalogue of items. If you want something unique to commemorate the special occasion, consider red or pink heart-shaped jewellery if your partner likes any of these colours. Alternatively, stick to a more subtle shape and colour if your partner prefers minimalistic jewellery.

Learning about your partner’s favourite metals can help you make informed decisions when shopping for Valentine’s jewellery. Saying “I love that silver necklace on you” might be an effective strategy to understand how she feels about it or correct you if it’s a different metal or hypoallergenic. Some materials may trigger allergic reactions, which is why some people choose hypoallergenic jewellery, as it is often made of higher-grade and purer materials, making them a safe choice for sensitive skin. Being strategic when learning about your partner’s interests can save you from mistakes that hurt your wallet or their skin. The last thing you want is to gift your partner a Valentine’s Day necklace or earrings that trigger an allergic reaction, causing them discomfort.

Pick Something That Suits Their Lifestyle

It’s important to pick a gift that suits your partner’s lifestyle. For example, if their profession involves significant use of their hands, opt for a Valentine’s Day necklace instead of a ring. If you choose a ring, talk to our design team to help you find suitable materials for rough use.

Necklaces are great gifts because of their versatility. Certain jewellery pieces can be dressed up or down, making them ideal for various occasions. They are also simpler to purchase as you don’t have to sneak up on your partner to figure out any size. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day necklace, consider our sterling silver flower cluster necklace with citrine gemstone accents. This unique item is a part of our forget me not jewellery collection.

Shop with Confidence

As the cupid’s arrow hits you and your significant other, the moment can be made more special with the ideal piece of jewellery. The psychology behind buying jewellery suggests that people are drawn to purchasing jewellery for various reasons, including giving a simple gift, indicating worth and commitment, reflecting inner qualities, and making a good impression.

Use this guide to shop for Valentine’s Day jewellery, and feel free to reach out to our dedicated team to assist you in the process.

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