What Are Black Diamonds?

Black diamond pyramid set

Black diamonds evoke various different images, depending on the person. For some, the term tends to conjure up images of mysterious and mythical stones. Others might instead immediately think of difficult and dangerous double black diamond ski runs.

In terms of jewelry, black diamonds have a long history that often involves stories of good luck or bad luck, depending on the time period and the culture. In ancient India, they were thought to be cursed because the colour was similar to a spider or snake’s eyes. In Italian culture, they were thought to be a sign of reconciliation and that touching a black stone would bring good fortune in marriage.

Today, black diamonds aren’t generally thought of as good or bad luck, but they still evoke curiosity. If you’ve ever wondered whether natural black diamonds are real or if they’re a myth, we’ve got you covered. As your go-to source for information about Toronto engagement rings, we put together a guide about black diamonds. If you’re considering engagement rings with black diamonds, keep reading.

What are Black Diamonds

In terms of colour, diamonds fall into two categories: regular diamonds (also called white or colourless) and fancy colour diamonds. There are many different diamond colours, including red, orange, purple, green, blue, pink, brown, yellow, gray, and fancy white. Natural black diamonds are fancy colour diamonds.

Where do Black Diamonds Come From?

Regarding the meaning of black diamonds, there are actually different types of black diamonds. Natural or raw black diamonds get their colour from a very high number of mineral inclusions like graphite, pyrite or hematite. With regular diamonds, inclusions often appear as tiny dark specks, but at very high levels of inclusions, the entire diamond appears black.

Due to the number of inclusions, it can be difficult to cut and polish raw black diamonds, and care must be taken when setting black diamond rings.

There are also treated or enhanced black diamonds. These are diamonds with inclusions that give them a gray appearance and are then superheated to a black or near-black colour.

Another stone often referred to as a black diamond is a carbonado, a rare form found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. It has a black or dark gray colour with a similar appearance to charcoal. It is made up of a polycrystalline diamond material, but little is known about its formation, although one theory suggests it originates in space. It’s more often used in industry because of its durability, but it has started to be used in jewelry.

Are Black Diamonds Rare?

All fancy colour diamonds are rare. There are estimations that only two per cent of total rough diamond production is for fancy colour diamonds, making them exceptionally rare.

However, black diamonds are different from other fancy colour diamonds as those are generally formed because of chemical impurities or structural defects in the crystal lattice, with different trace minerals resulting in different hues and colours.

But black diamonds aren’t formed in that way, and are actually more similar to white diamonds, meaning they are in a class all their own. So, if rarity is something you’re after, consider black diamond engagement rings or wedding rings with black diamonds.

How Much are Black Diamonds?

As with all diamonds, the price of black diamonds depends on various factors. Even answering the question are black diamonds expensive has a lot of ifs and buts. Fancy colour diamonds, in general, tend to cost more than regular diamonds because of their rarity, but black diamonds have historically not been in demand, so their price was often lower.

However, black diamond rings and other jewelry are seeing an increase in popularity due to their bold appearance and uniqueness. This increase is likely in part caused by a desire for less traditional options and some famous pop culture appearances, like a black diamond engagement ring being used in Sex and the City 2.

If you’re curious about black diamond jewelry, come by our jewelry shop in Toronto to see a selection and get an idea of pricing.

How to Test Black Diamonds?

Regular diamonds are graded by the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Fancy colour diamonds, which include natural black diamonds, are graded on the colour grading system for coloured diamonds.

However, raw black diamonds are different from other fancy colours. Black diamonds are opaque and have a high number of inclusions, so they aren’t graded for clarity.

Also, fancy colour diamonds are rated according to the variation in tone and saturation. Some of the ratings used to describe fancy diamond colours include Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid. But black diamonds don’t have these variations, so there is only one term used for them, Fancy Black.

Due to these differences, the Gemological Institute of America doesn’t give grading reports for black diamonds. They only give a simple report naming the diamond as fancy black and stating whether the colour is natural or treated.

Why Consider Black Diamonds for an Engagement or Wedding Ring?

Engagement rings with black diamonds or wedding rings with black diamonds are very unconventional but can also be incredibly beautiful. Natural black diamond rings are pretty rare and often completely unique creations, like this raw black diamond ring. Their beauty is often described as bold, dramatic and enigmatic. If that’s something that appeals to you, you should definitely consider and engagement or wedding ring with black diamonds!

If you’re looking for the perfect black diamond engagement ring, we can help! Come by the shop to see our selection or discuss a custom made ring. We can help with any jewelry needs, from custom made pieces to engravings and permanent bracelets in Toronto.

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