The Perfect Fit: A Comprehensive Guide to Ring Sizing

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Rings are more than just adornments; they hold sentimental value, mark milestones, and become cherished parts of our lives. For couples, an engagement ring is the beginning of a new milestone, while wedding rings celebrate a lifetime commitment. Some wear rings daily to complement their outfits or cherish a special gift. But a ring that doesn't fit comfortably can detract from its beauty and symbolism.

As jewellery experts in Toronto, we understand the value of wearing the correct ring size. So, it's essential that you learn how to measure your ring size to ensure a comfortable fit. Use this ring size guide to familiarize yourself with the factors that influence sizing and the various methods for determining your perfect fit.

The Importance of Ring Size 

A well-fitting ring should feel secure on your finger without digging in or spinning around. An ideal fit offers both comfort and practicality. A loose ring can snag on objects or slip off, potentially leading to loss or damage. On the other hand, a tight ring can restrict blood flow and cause discomfort, especially during temperature fluctuations. 

Finding the right size is significant for rings you wear frequently, like wedding bands or engagement rings.  These pieces are often worn daily and become an extension of ourselves.  A comfortable fit allows you to enjoy your ring's beauty and significance without distraction.

Factors Affecting Ring Size 

Several factors can influence your ring size, and understanding them is critical to achieving an accurate measurement. 

Finger Fluctuations

Our fingers aren't static; their size can change throughout the day due to temperature and activity levels. Along with wrong sizing, the weather can also determine the fit of a ring due to temperature changes. Cold triggers vasoconstriction (blood vessel narrowing) to keep your core warm, reducing blood flow to your fingers and making them shrink.

Fingers tend to be slightly larger in warm weather and after exercise. For the most accurate measurement, measure your finger when it's at its usual size, ideally in the late afternoon or evening when temperatures are likely warmer. 

Knuckle Size

The knuckle is often the widest part of your finger. One of the most important things to consider when ring sizing is that the ring needs to comfortably slide over the knuckle without getting stuck. If the knuckle is significantly larger than the finger's base, consider sizing up slightly to ensure a smooth transition. 

Ring Width

The width of the ring band can also affect how it fits. Wider bands feel snugger, so size up for a comfortable fit. Conversely, very thin rings may feel loose and require a slightly smaller size.

How to Measure Ring Size

There are several ways to determine your ring size, each with advantages and limitations. Learn how to find ring size here.

Professional Ring Sizing

The most accurate and foolproof method is to visit a jeweller and get professionally sized. Jewellers like us have specialized tools like ring sizers and mandrels that measure your finger precisely. They can also account for factors like knuckle size and recommend the most suitable size for the specific ring you're interested in. 

We offer professional ring sizing services at Made You Look to ensure your ring fits comfortably on your fingers. Our ring sizing process starts with a consultation that helps us understand if you need to size down or up. We will explain the sizing process and take precise measurements to determine the exact size required for your ring. Once we have the measurements, our skilled jewellers will carefully adjust your ring to the desired size using precision tools and expert techniques. After that, we will conduct a thorough quality check to ensure accurate ring size measurement before presenting it to you.

Printable Ring Sizers

Printable ring sizers found online can be a convenient option. These guides typically consist of multiple circles of varying diameters.  You can print the guide on standard paper, cut out the circles, and slip them onto your finger to find the closest match. Keep in mind that slight variations in printing and measuring the cutouts can affect the accuracy of this ring size measurement method. 

Measuring an Existing Ring

If you have a ring that fits you well, you can use it as a reference for measuring your size. Place the ring on a flat ruler and measure the inner diameter in millimetres. There are online ring size charts that convert millimetres to standard ring sizes. The accuracy of this ring sizing method depends on the existing ring being perfectly round.  If the ring is out of shape, the measurement will be skewed. 

Mobile Ring Sizing Apps

Consider a mobile app if you're looking for more ways to measure ring size at home. Several mobile apps claim to measure your ring size using your phone's camera. The app typically instructs you to place a ruler next to your finger and take a picture. While these apps can be a fun and quick option, their accuracy can be unreliable and depend heavily on good lighting and proper technique.

Tips for Accurate Measurement 

Despite the different ring measurement options available, it is important to know how to find your ring size. Here are some additional tips to ensure you get the most accurate measurement.

Measure Multiple Times

Don't rely on a single measurement. Take several readings throughout the day to account for potential fluctuations. This is especially important when considering sizing for wedding rings, as you will wear your ring most of the time. 

Measure Both Hands

It's common for your dominant hand to have slightly larger fingers than your non-dominant hand. Measure both hands to determine the size of the specific finger on which you intend to wear the ring. 

Consider the Season

If you're buying a ring for a winter proposal, measure your finger size in cooler weather to ensure a snug fit when temperatures drop. When in doubt, size up. A ring that's slightly too big can be easily resized by a jeweller. However, a ring that is too small can be uncomfortable and potentially cause damage if forced on.

You can also visit our store or book a consultation with one of our expert jewellers to create a ring made to fit your fingers. We offer beautiful custom engagement rings that incorporate your unique taste. Our jewellers will take the time to measure your finger accurately and use advanced tools to ensure that the ring is a perfect fit. 

Use Ring Size Charts

Ring sizes are denoted by letters and whole or half sizes. There are slight variations between sizing systems used in different countries. Understanding these variations in a ring size guide and having access to a ring size chart can be helpful when learning how to size a ring.

Many jewellers and online retailers provide ring size charts that convert between different sizing systems. These charts can be valuable when shopping for rings from international sellers or comparing sizes across various brands. Remember that sizing charts are a general guide, and slight variations may occur.


Finding the perfect ring size is essential in ensuring a cherished piece of jewellery becomes a comfortable and beloved companion. By understanding the factors that influence fit, the various methods for measuring your finger, and the importance of accurate sizing, you will be equipped to make informed decisions when purchasing a ring.

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