Everything You Need to Know About Ring Re-Sizing

Ring re-sizing services in Toronto at Made You Look Jewellery. Everything you need to know!

Rings hold immense sentimental value, whether they’re an expression of love in the form of engagement rings, wedding bands, or cherished heirlooms passed down through generations. However, sometimes the perfect ring doesn’t always have the perfect fit. This is where ring re-sizing comes into play! In the 20+ years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen every kind of case under the sun for ring sizing. Let’s delve into some of the reasons why people opt for ring re-sizing, the process itself, and accepting that our fingers do not stay the same size throughout the day, so how to plan accordingly.

Why Re-Size Your Ring?

There are so many reasons why someone might opt to get their ring re-sized. The 3 most common ones are:

1) Comfort and Wearability
One of the primary reasons individuals seek ring re-sizing is comfort. A ring that’s too loose risks slipping off and getting lost, while one that’s too tight can cause discomfort and restrict blood flow. Achieving the most ideal fit ensures not only comfort, but also enhances wearability. You’re more likely to wear a ring that fits, right?!

2) Lifestyle Changes
Life changes can also necessitate a ring re-size. Occupation change, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or even changes in climate can affect the size of your fingers. Modifying your ring to accommodate these changes ensures it remains a comfortable and wearable accessory throughout the ages and stages.

3) Preservation of Sentimental Value
For heirloom rings or those with significant emotional value, re-sizing allows them to be passed down through the family to be enjoyed by the next generation. Some folks are lucky in that they might not need to change their ring size, but more often than not, adjusting an heirloom to fit you properly will allow you to wear this sentimental piece with pride and confidence. Taking your heirloom to a jeweller who specializes in antiques will be important too.

How Does Ring Re-Sizing Work?

The process of re-sizing a ring involves carefully adjusting its circumference to fit the wearer’s finger comfortably. Here’s a brief overview of the typical steps involved:

Evaluation: First we’ll assess the ring’s current size and determine the desired size based on your preference and comfort.

Sizing Adjustment: If the ring needs to be enlarged, the jeweler will cut the shank (the bottom part of the ring) and add extra material to increase its size. Close attention is paid to insure that colour matching is achieved, however, jewellery comes from all over the world and each metal alloy can very slightly. The goal is to blend any new material being added so that it is not easily detectable by eye. Conversely, if the ring needs to be reduced, excess material is removed from the shank. The jeweller should be careful to make note of any metal stamps and engraving inside the ring and do the work while preserving these important details.

Soldering and Finishing: After making the necessary adjustments, we finish the piece by soldering the shank back together and refinishing the ring to ensure a seamless appearance.

Polishing and Cleaning: Finally, the ring is polished and cleaned to restore its beauty and shine! Some rings have an intentionally rough finish and in this case the finish will be restored accordingly.

Plating: Many white gold rings are rhodium plated. This is done to give the ring a bright “white” look. Unplated white gold can have a more yellowish undertone, which some folks wish to disguise. Plating is an extra step and will wear away over time based on your bodies natural acidic levels, diet, hand-sanitizer and general wear and tear.

Post Re-Size

After re-sizing your ring, it may take a little bit of time to adjust to the new fit. If you are warm, your ring will be tighter, if you are cold, your ring will be loose. The food you eat and your hydration level will have an effect on how you ring fits as well. This is normal. The goal is to bridge the gap between these differences. If your newly sized ring does not fit perfectly it is likely not as a result of a jewellers negligence and instead relates to the organic nature of our bodies.

While the desire to have your ring fit perfectly at all times, is understandable, it’s crucial to take this feedback into consideration before deciding to make additional changes. We recommend waiting at least 4 weeks before making any further adjustments.

Returning too soon after can result in making unnecessary changes. The more we manipulate a ring, the quality of the material can begin to deteriorate. In order to preserve the integrity of your jewelry, we do our best to only make adjustments that are absolutely necessary.

If you’re unsure whether your ring needs further adjustments, come in anytime to chat with our team. We’re open 7 days a week, no appointment needed! Our team of highly-skilled jewelrs can provide valuable insights and guidance based on their expertise and experience.

Ring re-sizing is a common practice that allows individuals to ensure their rings fit comfortably and securely. Whether it’s for reasons of comfort, lifestyle changes, or sentimental value, re-sizing can breathe new life into cherished pieces of jewelry. By understanding the process and understanding the limitations, you can ensure your ring remains a cherished accessory for years to come. We look forward to welcoming you and your rings at our sunny Parkdale studio!

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