Don’t Buy an Emerald Engagement Ring! Buy This Instead.

Emerald engagement rings have a better alternative - green sapphire!

We are really into the recent rise of alternative engagement ring styles. Allowing what was once a tradition-filled and cookie cutter industry to flourish with art and creativity, engagement ring designers and shoppers are thinking outside of the (ring) box. As we welcome the colourful switch into more personalized and eclectic engagement ring styles, we have curated a variety at Made You Look that showcase individuality and uniqueness.

We’ve seen a recent spiked interest in the moody vibes of emerald engagement rings, and for a good reason. The earthy tones and rich colour of an emerald is eye-catching. However, emerald is a brittle gem. It is one that we recommend avoiding for everyday wear because of its more fragile nature and semi-intensive care requirements.

Good news — the style of emerald that we know and love does not have to be sacrificed if you want a green stone with a little added toughness.

Our Recommended Emerald Alternative

Our favourite go-to emerald dupe is green sapphire. Green sapphire rings provide the look of a green engagement ring without compromising on the strength needed for everyday wear. Green sapphire is mined in many places around the world, most commonly found in Austrailia and Thailand. We pride ourselves in only using ethically sourced gemstones, and when it comes to green sapphires, we are even more proud of the brilliant collection of rings and treasures that Made You Look offers for this emerald-akin beauty. In the gemstone world, varieties are ranked on the Mohs scale of hardness that measures and identifies a mineral’s resistance to scratching and durability. On this scale of 1-10, green sapphires come in at a strong 9. Not to mention, gemstone rarity is correlated to prices. Green sapphires will always have a lower price tag than emerald, making it a no-brainer decision for those simply looking to fulfill their love for green stones. Arguably one of the most important jewelry choices you’ll make in your lifetime, green sapphire engagement rings are built for forever, just like your love.

Green Sapphire Meaning

In addition to its natural beauty and durability, green sapphire boasts a soulful symbolic meaning that suits a piece of jewelry intended to signify love. Known as a gemstone that provides tranquility and calmness, green sapphire is a suiting stone choice for those seeking to build a lasting and soul-soothing kind of love. This stone is commonly thought to be worn by those with traits of trust, loyalty, and integrity. Often, those that wear it are known to encourage love, invoke thoughtfulness in others, and maintain an overall sense of peace.

Also the birthstone for September’s Virgos and Libras, Sapphire’s many meanings and soulful connections entwine meaningful purpose into this engagement ring stone choice.

Shop Green Sapphire Engagement Rings

A Forest of Green

Inspired by an enchanted forest and the lush green of the centerpiece sapphire, this piece showcases a soft branch texture in 14k gold and is dotted with white diamond accents.

Big and Bold

A beautiful 1.34ct green sapphire between two trillion cut diamond accent stones, this unique shape and large stone make this ring a bold choice that allows the green stone to be the star of the show.

Halo Ring

This green marquise sapphire stone is set with a halo of diamond accents and a 14k yellow gold band that both give way for the stunning center stone to have its shining moment.

Freya Green Sapphire

Using a technique of beaded detail within the 14k yellow gold metal, this engagement ring showcases a brilliant sorbet sapphire surrounded by intricate details of gold beading reminiscent of mandalas or delicate beadwork.

Classic Solitaire

Donning a single center stone of 6.96ct green sapphire, this ring is a twist on the modern classic. Simply just a showcase for the stunning stone, the lack of added embellishments brings out the brilliance of this vibrant green engagement ring.

Spring Wings

Accentuated by 10 colourless diamonds in handcrafted milgraine, this exceptional engagement ring highlights a lighter tone of green sapphire that sparkles in the sunshine in incredible ways.

Montana Sapphire Baleal Ring

This 14k yellow gold ring features an oval-shaped Montana sapphire. A hint of blue encased in the green richness of this stone makes it a unique variation for green sapphires, and it is cast amongst yellow gold granule detailing.

See a ring you adore? Come visit us at our Parkdale location at 1338 Queen St W. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect ring as unique as you.

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