Caring For Your Ring: How to Clean Engagement Rings

Many fantasize about their dream engagement ring for months, years, or even decades. Engagement rings symbolize the intent to spend your life with your partner. They are something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it makes sense that most people spend a lot of time thinking about the qualities of the engagement ring they’ll one day wear.

There are many things to consider when choosing their ring – cut, colour, clarity, carat, shape, alternative stones, band material, and more! But of all the time spent thinking about those things before picking a ring, very few people think about the upkeep.

While the cleaning, care and maintenance shouldn’t be the deciding factor of what ring you choose, it’s important to understand what kind of maintenance is involved, so you know how to keep your ring in the best condition.

At Made You Look, we make custom engagement rings in Toronto with both traditional and alternative materials. We understand the best strategies for engagement ring cleaning to keep your ring looking its best whether you’ve been wearing it for 10 days, 10 months, 10 years or more.

Importance of Engagement Ring Cleaning and Care

Before we get into how to clean an engagement ring and care for it, let’s look at why it’s so essential to do and get right. Engagement rings carry a lot of monetary and sentimental value, so they need to be protected. Ultimately, proper care and cleaning will preserve the beauty and increase the lifespan of your ring, whereas neglect or improper care can impact everything you love about your ring.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring

When you want to get your ring sparkling and diamond colours shining, there are some essential things to keep in mind. Regular cleaning removes lotions, skin oil, dust and dirt from your ring. Otherwise, these things can block the light interactions in the stone, diminishing its sparkle and brilliance. It is recommended to clean an engagement ring or any other frequently worn diamond jewellery one or two times a month.

The best jewelry stores in Toronto should always explain the best care methods for the materials in your engagement ring, but in general, it’s good to soak your engagement ring in a mix of warm water and mild soap. This probably goes without saying, but avoid soaking or rinsing your ring directly in the sink. Instead, use a bowl or dish.

You can let it soak for as little as 30 minutes or leave it for longer. Gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush, rinse it off and dry it with a cotton or linen towel. You can also use a polishing cloth to really get that sparkling finish.

Keeping your ring clean will help to keep it shiny and sparkly, whether you’ve chosen a diamond ring or diamond alternatives.

How Not to Clean an Engagement Ring

Keeping your engagement ring clean is more than knowing how to clean your engagement ring, but also how not to. You don’t want to risk causing damage to it. Be sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent scratches.

Avoid using random cleaners found in your home. There are some chemicals that should be avoided when wearing or cleaning your engagement ring. In general, it’s recommended to remove your ring when washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom and while completing any other task involving harsh chemicals, which are often found in household cleaners. Some cleaning agents can erode metal settings, dull finishes, alter the colour or even harm porous coloured stones such as emeralds.

Another thing to remember is that just because a chemical is safe for one kind of ring doesn’t mean it’s safe for all. For example, ammonia is safe to use for diamonds but can cause damage to other stones. This is why it’s essential to follow the advice of the jeweler you purchase your ring from.

When to Take Your Ring Off

The best way to keep your ring clean and in good condition is to prevent damage and dirt from building up. As much as you may love seeing your ring sparkling on your finger, there are some daily tasks and activities when you should remove your ring for safekeeping.

  • Sleeping
  • Showering, washing your hands and washing dishes
  • Applying lotion, hand sanitizer or beauty products
  • Exercising and playing sports
  • Swimming or in a hot tub
  • Cleaning, gardening and yard work
  • Cooking
  • Handling tools or equipment
  • Painting or arts and crafts projects
  • During pregnancy

Some of these are more rigid rules than others. For example, depending on your personal comfort level, you may be able to keep your ring on for some cooking jobs, but if you’re handling ground or raw meat, mixing dough, or doing anything hands-on, it’s best to remove the ring, so it doesn’t attract bacteria and germs. Keep in mind that you should remove the ring before rinsing dishes.

Other Care Tips

Keeping several ring dishes around your home is a good idea to both have a safe place for your ring and remind you to take it off for certain activities.

When moisturizing your hands, remove your ring and don’t put it back on until your hands have completely dried to prevent a cloudy layer of film from forming.

We hope you feel confident that you’ll know how to clean your engagement ring no matter what type of ring you get. If you ever have any questions about choosing an engagement ring or jewelry care, call or visit us at Made You Look.

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