A One-Of-A-Kind Jewellery Experience - Toronto Star Feature

Made You Look — Toronto’s largest collective of professional jewellery designers under one roof — prides itself on offering something for everyone (Toronto Star)

Located in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood of Queen Street West, Made You Look is “a proud brick and mortar location that believes in the value of a unique retail experience, coupled with exceptional customer service,” says owner Sarah Dougall.

Featuring an array of jewellery offerings from fashion pieces to wedding and engagement rings, Made You Look “represents the work of more than 100 jewellery designers, 20 of whom work right on site. “Each step in the jewellery-making process happens under one roof, from casting, to stone setting, to finishing,” explains Dougall.

Now celebrating its 20th year in business, Made You Look prides itself in offering something for every shopper. “We have pieces with price points as low as $12, and lots to choose from in the under $50 and under $100 ranges as well,” explains Dougall. “We go up to $10,000 wedding and engagement rings in our showcase. But we also believe that handmade and artisanal goods should enjoyed by everyone, so we make jewellery that’s accessible to all”.

You can view the complete article here, courtesy of the Toronto Star.

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