Popular Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends

Popular Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends

When it comes to selecting wedding and engagement rings, it’s more popular than ever to pick a ring that truly means something to you. That includes leaning away from the perennially popular diamonds and the traditional wedding bands and focusing less on conventional choices. Working with so many different couples, we tend to take notice when we see trends beginning to emerge.

Some of the most popular trends include finding something that means something to you individually or as a couple. At Made You Look, we love creating handmade jewelry in Toronto for our customers to suit their needs and provide them with a piece of jewelry they will treasure for a lifetime. Based on the choices we’ve been seeing couples make, these are some of the growing trends we think will be extremely popular in the year ahead.

Shopping with a Partner

Gone are the days of guesswork when ring shopping. In the past, men may have agonized over the options or sought advice from their partner’s friend or sibling for their input or advice. As couples tend to have realistic conversations about marriage and proposals beforehand, it makes sense that more couples are choosing rings together as partners is a solid and steady trend that we don’t see going away any time soon. It doesn’t matter if the budget is big or small, many couples tend to want to work together as a team when making a ring decision, and it offers peace of mind knowing you have the right ring for your partner.

Alternatives to Diamonds

For those wondering if you need to get engaged with a diamond ring, you have plenty of options. Gemstone engagement rings are taking off using beautiful gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Moving away from diamonds can really help your ring stand out from the crowd. Those with a bold taste might consider blue, white or peach sapphires. The great thing about going with a gemstone is you can choose from virtually any colour and customize a wedding band to go with it.


Intricate details like engravings are gaining steam with both engagement and wedding rings. Having ring engraving in Toronto in the interior of a wedding band is something customers love doing for its personal and intimate touch. Popular options can be a date, quote, nicknames, short song lyrics, initials – there are many ways to personalize this specifically to you.

No More Matching Wedding Bands

Contrary to popular belief, wedding bands don’t have to match, and we’re seeing many couples dive into the idea of mismatched sets or individual pairings. Traditionally, wedding bands are sold as sets made from the same materials and in the same style. The only difference is the bride’s band is thinner and daintier than the groom’s.

It’s more trendy than ever to choose a ring that’s true to each of your unique personalities. This way, you can each find a ring that speaks to your style and preferences. You probably each have your own opinions and preferences of colours and metals that you like to wear and compliment you. After all, you’re going to be wearing your band for years to come.

There’s a similar trend in the idea of a wedding band matching an engagement band. In the past, they have usually matched or complimented one another. But it’s becoming more and more popular to see mismatched sets. Different metals, widths, designs and stones are often seen today, in addition to stacking wedding bands. Multiple mismatched rings on one finger are trendier than ever, proving there are numerous ways to ensure your wedding bands speak to your style.

Using Old Gold or Gemstones

Vintage is popular when it comes to clothing and decor, and this trend also extends to engagement and wedding bands. Repurposing a family heirloom or something you’ve picked up at an estate sale, or even getting a newly created custom piece with vintage vibes, will ensure your ring is timeless and ensure you will have unique engagement rings in Toronto.

Vintage-inspired rings are instilled with the romance and glamour from the past and offer endless possibilities.

Another benefit of revamping old jewelry is that it is an ethical and sustainable stone choice, which we’ll get into more below.

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Ethical and Sustainable Options

As consumers become increasingly aware of the effect their choices have on the world around them, there is a growing demand for ethically sourced jewellery, such as conflict-free white diamonds and responsible gold. In addition to repurposing old stones or materials to create something new, there are other things to keep in mind when it comes to ethical and sustainable ring options.

Ethical Diamonds

At Made You Look, every diamond we source is in accordance with the Kimberley Process, which is an international law that tracks diamonds from the time they’re rough to when they’re in front of the consumer to ensure that the stone is conflict free.

A great option to look at is Canadian diamonds, as Natural Resources Canada has a Green Mining Initiative. The initiative regulates greener mining practices, from minimizing and managing waste from mines, using cleaner vehicles, improving water conservation efforts to flora and fauna restoration once a mine has ceased operating. Due to these initiatives, higher wages for miners, and market demand, Canadian diamonds can be more expensive.

Diamonds are highly regulated by many different regulatory bodies, making them a safer, more ethical choice than many coloured stones.

You can also consider choosing a lab grown diamond. However, it’s important to note there isn’t much comparable information between mined and lab grown diamonds, so claims that they are more sustainable or environmentally friendly can’t be backed up.

We love talking to customers about the plethora of options we have here at Made You Look, from popular trends to something completely new. Drop by our shop anytime to discuss a custom idea you have, emerging trends, green initiatives in the jewelry industry, and more!

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