Made You Look Gift Guide: Jewelry Gift Ideas as Unique as Your Loved Ones

Jewelry is a fantastic gift because it comes in many shapes and sizes. You can find jewelry with a flair for the bold, dramatic types or less flashy jewelry for people who prefer an understated look. There’s dainty jewelry, solid jewelry, and endless colours and styles to choose from.

All of these factors and more is what makes jewelry an incredible gift idea. At Made You Look, we represent more than 100 local jewelry designers, each with their own style and flair, so it’s easy to find something for everyone in your life.

With the holiday season approaching, we’ve rounded up some fabulous jewelry gift ideas, including some of our most noteworthy pieces that will suit a wide variety of styles and tastes and be as unique as the person you’re shopping for. Whether your loved one prefers forget me not jewellery or is more taken by cuff bracelets, you can find something just as unique as they are to gift them.

Pendant Necklaces

This beautiful Magnolia Leaves Necklace by designer Nicola Chong features a 14K yellow gold circular pendant with an imprint of magnolia leaves attached to a yellow gold chain.

If you’ve got a cat lover to buy for, this Cat Pendant by Dawning features a bronze cat pendant with a bronze chain and is sure to get some meows of approval.

If the person you’re shopping for is a geo-style fan, consider this Turquoise Geo Pendant by CAM50. It’s a lovely cast bronze open pendant base filled with floating crushed gemstones set in resin made from chrysocolla, turquoise and green opalite.

Each pea pod in this Three Pearl Pod Pendant by Beatrix Bell is individually woven by hand and represents children, friends, or family members. This pendant makes a perfect gift for mothers at any time of year.

Permanent Bracelets

A permanent bracelet is perfect if you’re looking to gift jewelry and an experience all in one. These bracelets are skyrocketing in popularity, and for a good reason. Getting a permanent bracelet in Toronto is an experiential gift.

Getting these bracelets together means spending quality time with each other. Part of the gift is the cherished memory you’ll have from the experience of looking at your options, deciding which bracelet is the right one for you, and then getting it welded on as a permanent reminder of one other. This is also a fantastic gift idea for sisters, friends or partners.


If you’re looking for a stunning ring with incredible detail, this White Dendritic Agate Ring by Sardonna is a great place to start. This ring showcases a remarkable dendritic agate and is as beautiful on the top and on the inside as it is on the outside.

Jewelry Restoration

Another great jewelry gift for mom or anyone with old or broken jewelry is to repair or restore a piece. Over the years, it’s common to have jewelry break, and many people hold on to it for years without doing anything about it. It’s too meaningful to throw away, and it ends up just sitting in a box collecting dust. The same goes for old vintage pieces and family heirlooms. Consider getting something repaired or reset as a lovely jewelry gift for mom.

Cuff Bracelets

For a quality handmade cuff bracelet, look no further than this Peacock Beaded Cuff Bracelet by Ink+Alloy, which will surely be loved by the recipient and draw many compliments.

Jewelry Engraving

A jewelry engraving is a wonderful way to take any piece of jewelry and make it as unique as the person you plan to give it to. After all, with an engraving, you can choose exactly what you want to have written on it (within reason, there are character limitations depending on the size of what you’re engraving). Having something engraved is a fantastic jewelry gift idea, even for those who don’t consider themselves jewelry lovers.

A gift of jewelry might not be the first thing most people think of when considering gift ideas for their dad, but there are actually many wonderful options. Getting jewelry engraved is a great jewelry gift idea for those dads who don’t think jewelry has anything to offer them. From bracelets and pendants to watches, you can personalize any of these by having something engraved specifically for them.


If you’ve got a variety of earring lovers in your life, we’ve got you covered. Made You Look has earrings to suit every personality.

These stunning Tropical Jungle Geo Earrings by Crown and Heart are porcelain cut-outs featuring a colorful handpainted pattern with gold lustre accents. Or, opt for these sterling silver roller printed Spring Leaf Earrings by Zula. Another option is Rowe Studio’s asymmetrical Bronze Squiggle Earrings with sterling silver posts.


It will be easy to keep time with this California Sparkle Handmade Watch by Wilk Watchworks. It will be hard for the recipient to take their eyes off this thoughtfully designed piece.

At our jewelry store in Canada, we’ve got plenty of unique jewelry gift ideas and solutions. Browse our website for some inspiration, or come on by our Toronto shop to look at our selection or talk to our designers.

You don’t need to book an appointment to speak to us about what you’re looking for or your jewelry needs, and we’re always happy to help connect you with the perfect one-of-kind piece you’re looking for, whether as a gift for a loved one or yourself!

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