How To Step Out Of Your Jewellery Comfort Zone

how to step out of your jewelry comfort zone

This isn’t just another article with basic jewellery tips and ideas that make your choices even harder, we promise. There are plenty of things to be said about choosing jewellery that makes your heart sing, but few come in practical and tactical ways that make stepping out of your comfort zone feel, well… comfortable. It is easy to stick to styles you know and love. Sometimes simple pieces feel more comfortable, like they “go with everything”, but jewellery is one of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit and completely change its feel — if you know how.

Made You Look offers a variety of jewellery, from simple styles to eclectic, colourful, bold, or even custom pieces. With something for literally everyone, we’ve helped folks shop for new styles time and time again, and used real-life experiences (successful ones, of course) to put together this guide to finding something new and different that you’ll love.

Step 1: Analyze Your Closet for Your Go-To Outfits

Start by identifying which looks you wear the most, and what outfits you feel the most comfortable in. You want to start with a canvas that feels right for you, and allow your jewellery to be the “outside of the box” item that takes you out of your comfort zone. This way, you can plan your jewellery purchases around the looks you’re wanting to elevate, while staying true to your own signature style.

Step 2: Self-Reflect to Find Your Vibe

In order to align your outside self with your inner identity, you’ll need to go inwards to identify what it is that you want to express! Do some self-reflection to identify what vibe you want to communicate to the world. Do you feel like you want to add a splash of colour everywhere you go? Do you feel like a sleek and clean look will portray who you want to be? At the end of the day, this is about finding what speaks to you and having the courage to wear it proudly. If you love something on the shelf, you can learn to love it on yourself!

Step 3: Hunt for New Ideas and Inspo

You don’t have to do this alone! There are plenty of resources to turn to that will help you find inspiration for what to try. You can search by face shape (or read our blog – How to Choose the Best Jewellery for your Face Shape), by jewellery style, or even by matching your clothing style to your searches. Remember that online guides are only suggestions, and jewellery should be a fun representation of the things you find beautiful and exciting.

You can search easily on Pinterest, Instagram, our website, or have a look at some of our in-house jewellers’ social profiles to see how they style their beloved pieces. When an idea or piece might feel intimidating or scary to you, try searching for someone with similar features to you who is wearing the “out of your comfort zone” jewellery. Sometimes we stop ourselves from wearing certain items because we’ve convinced ourselves that it doesn’t suit our face shape, or our skin tone, or whatever it might be. You can easily bust through these limiting beliefs around your style by knowing that if they can pull it off, so can you.

Step 4: Get Expert Input IRL

Trying on jewellery can be like trying on clothes. Something you thought wouldn’t work might look amazing when you try it on, and vice versa. Come by our shop so you can be inspired by the displays, the team, the rotating designs, and more. This is what we at Made You Look know and love! If you’re struggling to find your style, you can chat with one of our jewellery experts about where to start.

You can also ask your friends and family what they would suggest for you, as they might come up with ideas you haven’t thought of yet. And finally, search for your community. You don’t have to bravely go outside of your comfort zone on your own. There are plenty of online communities and resources for this kind of thing, including the Made You Look blog and Instagram. You are one of many people trying to find their perfect jewellery style — connect to get insight and support!

Jewellery is not a one-size-fits-all accessory. You can leverage your out-of-your-comfort-zone pieces to elevate your outfits, bring you a newfound confidence, or show off little pieces of your personality through your style. Finding and exploring new jewellery should be fun, so let go of the inhibitions and let your jewellery style shine (literally and figuratively).

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