Fall-Inspired Jewelry Sets: A Seasonal Style Guide

Ahhh, the nostalgic feeling of fall. The leaves have begun their graceful descent and the air is crisp and carries the faint smell of pumpkin spice lattes (yes, we are big fans no matter how “basic” it might seem!). It’s time to embrace the magic of the season with a stunning collection of fall jewelry sets handcrafted by the gifted artisans in our Queen West abode. At the heart of these exquisite ensembles lies the essence of autumn – a celebration of nature’s beauty and transformation.

We tapped our founder, Sarah Dougall, on the shoulder to glean some of her insights on the looks for this season. Her keen eye for unique shapes, textures, and colours has made her a go-to, trusted stylist for so many of the lovely folks that come through our doors.

From our Founder:

These fall sets have been brought together to inspire you to get in the mood and enjoy the transition into the freshness of Autumn. Embracing the fullness of the season is a good way to stay grounded in the here and now. Adornment with intention is empowering!

The colours of fall are warm, rich, luscious, crisp, and bold. These sets are our interpretation of those qualities and incorporate the shapes and textures of this visually stunning season. We encourage you to step into the energy that helps you soar through the swirling leaves and out into the bright blue fall sky.

These sets are more than just accessories, they’re wearable works of art that echo the warmth and richness of fall. Whether you’re going into the office, strolling through a pumpkin patch, or heading out for a jaunt to witness the beautiful changing colours, these jewelry sets will complete your autumnal look with finesse. From hand-carved necklaces that mimic falling leaves to one-of-a-kind earrings adorned with intricate details, these jewelry sets are the perfect way to adorn yourself this season!

Lovely in Leather (& Metal)

This set marries the rawness of leather with the captivating charm of carved metal. This blend of textures creates a one-of-a-kind set that’s both edgy and elegant. We especially love the movement of the soft leather earrings and how they tie in seamlessly with the rugged, handcrafted metalwork in the other pieces. The precision and detail in the hand-carved necklace also makes for an amazing conversation starter! Bold yet versatile, this statement set is perfect for jazzing up some of your favourite outfits.

Set Details:

Melanie Leblanc – Silver Ring $215, Large Leaf Necklace $425
Made You Look In-House Collection – Hanging Leaf Earrings $34
Made You Look In-House Collection – Black Leather Cuff $68

Modern-Day Mystique

Adorn yourself with beautiful shapes and tonal shades. This jewelry set is a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and artistic creativity. It features striking metal designs paired with a bold beaded bracelet to create a dynamic and versatile ensemble that’s perfect for modern boho lovers.

Set Details:

Ink + Alloy – Beaded Cuff Bracelet $65
Ashera Armour – Smokey Quartz Necklace $535
Made You Look In-House Collection – Metallic Tirange Earrings $68
Gill Birol – Crystal Quartz Ring In Sterling Silver $295

Lakeside Escape

Inspired by the serene coastal beauty during fall, this set captures the essence of a crisp breeze by the water, weathered sand dunes, and the warm hues of a sunset in the distance. The bronze shell earrings paired with the delicate features of the burgundy crystal bib are perfectly reminiscent of coastal foliage.

Set Details:

Made You Look In-House Collection – Burgundy Crystal Bib Necklace $170
Pompei – Bronze Shell Earrings $250
Pierre Bouillette – Gold Wedding Ring With Wood Inlay $1,275

Autumnal Blooms

An ode to floral lovers! This set blends fun, vibrant texture with the elegance of gold to bring a sophisticated yet edgy flair to your outfit. The petals and intricate floral motifs will infuse your style with the romance and splendor of autumn’s beautiful blossoms.

Set Details:

Sardonna – Agate Ring $350
Made You Look In-House Collection – Yellow Silk Flower Necklace $89
Daughters Of July – Bloom Hoop Earrings $65

Heavy Metal Foliage

Inspired by the coexistence of vibrant tropical foliage and the changing leaves of fall, this set is dedicated to our fellow indoor plant parents! The delicate texture of the material earrings is the perfect softness to balance out the boldness of the sequin cuff and other metal details.

Set Details:

Made You Look In-House Collection – Sequin Magnetic Cuff Bracelet $32
Made You Look In-House Collection – Floral Fabric Burst Earrings $24
Zula – Copper Leaf Print Necklace $158
Claudine Moncion Joailliere – Silver And Copper Melt Ring $78

We hope these sets inspire you to try something new this fall season and step out of your style comfort zone! We’re big fans of reinventing ourselves with the new season and slipping on some new pieces to reflect this transitional time. Come visit us at our store at 1338 Queen St W in Parkdale to check out these autumn-inspired sets and much more.

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