Yuliya Chorna
  • Oval Raw Diamond Ring
  • Marquise Sapphire Edge Ring
  • Half Moon Halo Ring
    Price Upon Request
  • 6 Claw Raw Diamond Solitaire
    Price upon Request
  • Padparadscha Sun Ring
  • Pear Emerald Band Ring
    Price available upon request
  • Water & Fire Ring
    price on request
  • Sapphire Cocktail Ring
    price on request
  • Rose Cut Blue Sapphire Ring
  • Raw Sapphire Cluster Ring
    price upon request
  • Labradorite Herkimer Ring
    price upon request
  • Faceted Two Tone Set
  • Coral Ring
  • Raw Stack Rough Diamonds
    $225 to $1090
  • Rough Diamond Cluster Ring
    from $3200
  • Medieval Silver Ring
  • Cross Infinity Diamond Band
  • Diamond Slice White Gold Ring
    from $3650
  • Herkimer Diamond Cluster Ring
  • Turquoise Ring
  • Nephrite Bracelet
  • Egg Pendant
  • Diamond Swirl Earring
  • Swan Cufflinks
  • Tooth Necklace
    Custom pendant tooth sterling silver handmade jewellery
  • Gold Opal Ring
    Custom ring opal gold handmade jewellery Toronto
  • Diamond Bow Ring
    custom ring diamond gold handmade jewellery toronto
  • Gold Ruby Ring
    custom ring ruby gold handmade jewellery toronto

  • Yuliya Chorna

    Yuliya’s work has evolved through years of experimentation and process driven practice. Her signature collection features large scale couture pieces that were designed to turn heads and challenge our ideas about what formal wear can look like. Yuliya’s exploitation of materials and their working properties is where her work begins. Rough ideas and forms transform into a body of work that is provocative, innovative and highly creative.

    Yuliya explores unusual processes employing patinas and industrial lacquers to bring color into her work. Her jewellery can be simple and highlight the raw elegance of a beautiful and rare gemstone, or it can be deeply symbolic exploring reflective and emotional themes.

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