One of the most exciting things about jewelry is the fact that it is always changing. There are always new styles emerging, new designs to discover, and new trends to shake things up.

And the best part about new trendy jewelry is its versatility. Most jewelry trends allow for mixing and matching, so as things go in and out of style, you can still make the looks your own, stick to your own personal style and wear your favourite pieces.

If you’re wondering what kind of trendy jewelry you’ll find when shopping for jewelry in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the newest jewellery trends as well as trends that continue to grow and evolve to meet demands. Below, we highlight some of the trending jewellery styles on the rise. Let’s dive in and look at all the newest trendy jewelry.

Ethical Sourcing

Year after year, customers have a stronger desire for ethical sourcing and environmentally sustainable processes. This is a trend that continues to grow in all areas, including in the hottest trending jewellery.

From ensuring a piece has ethical diamonds to reusing gems and recycled metals, shoppers want to know that the jewellery they purchase and wear isn’t coming at a cost to a community or the environment.

Bracelet Trends

Cuff bracelets are one bracelet trend that makes a statement all on their own. Wearing a cuff bracelet is an easy way to elevate a look with a significant impact. While understated options are popular, most often, it’s the big, bold, chunky pieces that catch attention. Another spin to this trend is to pair large and thin cuffs together for a stacked look.

Another trendy jewelry style and experience is permanent or forever bracelets. These bracelets skyrocketed in popularity in the past year for their simple yet stunning look, the meaning behind them and the experience of getting them. Some opt to get a permanent bracelet solo, while others choose to get them in pairs or groups. The experience of getting one can be a great way to mark an occasion or achievement. If opting to get them with another person, you can choose a significant other, friend or family member. Part of the reason these bracelets are one of the biggest jewellery trends is that there are so many options, allowing you to completely customize this trend to what you’re looking for.

Necklace Trends

Choker necklaces are one of the new necklace trends coming back around, not that they were ever out of style. These necklaces go perfectly with the maximalist approach that seems to be dominating trends this year. Beaded, fringed metal, pendant, chunky, simple; it’s hard to go wrong with this trend.

Ring Trends

Self-expression is significant in the world of jewellery right now, and few trends are such a perfect match for this than the signet ring. Whether it’s with a meaningful symbol or precious stone, signet rings can be personalized to your individual tastes while remaining on-trend.

Pinky rings are getting more attention as another jewelry trend. As with most other new styles, expect to see bold and chunky looks but also more personalized options. In fact, it’s easy to combine two trends in one with a personalized signet pinky ring.

Earring Trends

When it comes to trendy jewelry, one might not immediately think of pearls as they are about as classic as it gets. And yet, pearls are back with a bit of a spin. While also used in necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery, pearls have a solid place as one of the latest earring trends.

While giving a nod to classic looks in your mom’s or grandmother’s style, pearl earring trends today are all about stacks of pearls. Whether enormous pearl baubles or adorning drop earrings, pearls have gone through a major reinvention.

Drop earrings, in general, are making a resurgence, this time long enough to reach the shoulder. As mentioned, these earrings can be filled with giant pearls or other jewels.

Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement ring trends are in step with many jewelry trends, as personalization and one-of-a-kind rings are being held in high priority by ring shoppers. Antique-cut diamonds are highly sought after as these cuts are no longer found today and are completely unique. These are rare and difficult to find, which is why diamond cuts with antique-inspired looks are also rising, like the rose cut.

Ring shoppers are also turning more towards bright, colourful stones as alternatives to the traditional diamond, not that the diamond will be dethroned as the most popular engagement ring choice anytime soon. Black diamonds are also on the rise as an unconventional but dramatic choice.

At Made You Look, our designers create a wide variety of one-of-a-kind pieces that meet today’s jewelry trends while suiting different styles and tastes. Come by our jewellery store in Toronto and see what we have available or talk to us about what you’re looking for. We are always happy to help meet your jewellery needs, whether you’re looking for a gift for someone or want to find something special for yourself.