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Thank you for your choosing to have your special piece of jewellery custom made here at Made You Look. You are in very good hands. All of our designers have exceptional skills, not only in jewellery making, but in working with you to understand your unique ideas and bringing them to life. Our top priority is to offer you an exquisite product, exceptional service and a wonderful experience overall. In order to do so, the following is a list of suggestions and recommendations that will outline what you can expect from your custom design experience with us. We are always available to discuss any of this in more detail with you.
Let the creation process begin!

Designer meetings and Quotes
Once you have chosen your designer you will have an opportunity to meet with them in one of our private client meeting rooms. At this time that you will discuss all aspects of the your request. Bringing in visuals, like images from magazines or from the Internet or your own drawings will be helpful, but not mandatory.

Once there is a full and clear understanding of your request an estimate will be prepared for you. Once you receive your quote, the estimate will be valid for 2 weeks, due to the fluctuating price of gold. Gemstones and Diamonds will be put on hold for 1 week maximum, before being made available to other customers.

When you are ready to go ahead with your project, we will take a $200 – $300 deposit to start the work. This deposit may include 1-2 client meetings, 3-5 drawings and 1 wax model. When you are happy with your quote and you have approved your drawings and/or wax model we will then take a 50% deposit to complete the work. Your final payment can be made when you pick up your finished piece or in installments along the way.

Based on our experiences and having worked with 1000′s of custom clients over the years, we have determined that it is fair and reasonable to expect that you can have a beautiful piece of custom jewellery made that you are thrilled about, based on the parameters that we have set out here. Should you be someone who requires more meetings, more emails, more drawings and more wax models (which, by the way, is totally fine) your original estimate may be subject to additional design charges.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable. Once you have paid your deposit, the designer will begin doing work for you. If, after having meetings, seeing drawings and/or a wax model, you choose not to go ahead with the creation of the final piece, your deposit will not be refunded.

Gemstones valued at $5,000.00CAD and up must be paid for in full.

Appointments are available outside of our regular business hours, by request.

We understand that in some cases people may feel like the custom design process involves a ‘leap of faith’ and that is true to some degree. However, we have a hands-on approach to custom design and in every case make our best attempt to ensure that you feel comfortable at each stage. We have numerous tools that we use to help you envision all of the possibilities. When making the decision to have something custom made, you need to ask yourself you are a person who is well suited for this type of order. Have you ever had a couch re-upholstered based on a fabric swatch? Have you had custom clothing made for a special event? How were those experiences for you? We encourage you to trust us and our processes, this experience is meant to be fun and we are excited to guide you through the steps.
Our designers need between 2 and 6 weeks to complete a custom project. If we are sourcing something rare, doing extensive research or making multiple adjustments to designs, then more time may be required.

If your request needs to be executed with a short turn around, the designer may have to work outside of their normal “comfort zone”, other projects may need to be pushed back to make room for your rush job and additional charges may be applied.

Knowing your budget is an important part of the custom design process. There are numerous variables that go into creating an estimate for you. Knowing what your priorities are is very helpful. After you have received your quote, we are happy to tweak things if necessary. Metal and stone quality and carat weights greatly affect our estimates, so making slight adjustments here can go a long way toward changing the final price.

Just a little note about overall wedding budgets…we do understand that there are numerous expenses that go along with planning a wedding. However, we would like to point out that of all the expenses, your wedding rings are something that are not only important on “the big day” but they will also be worn every day to follow. For this reason, it may make some sense to increase your budget for these special items so that you are truly able to have something that makes you 100% satisfied and happy for long term wear.

What are you buying?
We guarantee to make your dollar go as far as it can go. By shopping at Made You Look you are going directly to the source and you are dealing with fewer middle men than in a normal retail setting. However, we are a store in downtown Toronto, on Queen Street West that is fully staffed with highly trained professionals and we are open 7 days a week. We are not trying to compete with on-line prices, and our unique product cannot be compared to what you can find on-line. We are offering an exceptional service and a valuable and unique retail shopping experience which cannot be matched by an on-line ‘add to cart’ experience. If you have found a piece of jewellery that you like, but are hoping that we can make it for less money, it is not likely that this will happen. Our specialty is in making jewellery that doesn’t already exist and in working with people who see the value in having something truly precious crafted and created especially for them.

We would like to source diamonds and gemstones for you. Shopping for wholesale diamonds and gemstones on-line hurts small independent business people. It may be tempting to try and get the lowest price, but it is very hard for consumers to understand the true value of a stone and hard to know who to trust when buying one. Often we have customers ask us to validate their on-line purchases, because they trust our expertise, but they most interested in paying the lowest price possible. The reality is that our expertise is worth something and therefore it needs to cost something. We believe in the importance of bricks and mortar business and the value they add to a city, culture and life. We encourage you to reconsider your on-line diamond or gemstone purchase.

I’m melting…
Do you have old metal that you would like use to make something new? Here is how we can help. Using your old metal to create something new is an extremely labour-intensive process and you will actually spend more money using your old metal than you would if we just started with new metal. The only time it makes sense is if there is sentimental value associated with the old metal and it is important enough to you to have the old metal in the new creation. If you are simply trying to turn your old metal into cash, then we can have the metal recycled for you. For a small service charge we can turn your metal into cash, and you can use the cash towards having a custom piece of jewellery made. We only provide this service for someone who will be commissioning a new piece of jewellery.
Our Guarentee
During your design consultations you will be fully informed about your piece of jewellery and the qualities and limitations of its materials. Your jewellery designer will educate you on how to look after your piece of jewellery and how to maintain it so it can last a lifetime.

All jewellery valued at over $1,000.00CAD will come with an appraisal listing the replacement value for insurance purposes.

Removing your jewellery during heavy activity will help to insure its integrity. Ring sizing will be done free of charge immediately after purchase or first wearing. Ring sizing due to weight gain or loss, body changes or switching fingers will be subject to normal alteration charges. If small stones are lost within the first 6 months, they will be replaced free of charge. Losing small stones after 6 months, may be the result of normal ‘wear and tear’ and will be subject to normal replacement charges.

It is very important that you are 100% happy with your special piece of custom made jewellery and that you have enjoyed your experience while working with us. Provided that we have followed all of our recommended steps and done our due diligence to communicate clearly with you and provided that you have approved our drawings and/or wax model, then there should be no reason for anything but total satisfaction. If your expectations have not been met, if we have been negligent in some way and that has resulted in you feeling less than total satisfaction than we will take full responsibility. We will do whatever we need to rectify the situation. Our philosophy is that there is that there are no ‘problems’ only ‘solutions’.

However, If we have followed all of the recommended steps and done our due diligence and you have approved our drawings and/or wax model, and you are still not 100% satisfied, then any changes or alterations that are made to your piece may be subject to additional charges.

Any piece of jewellery that has been custom made cannot be returned and the money will not be refunded.

As mentioned before, we are always available to discuss any of this in more detail.
We are looking forward to working with you.
Thanks for reading!

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