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Free Jewellery For A Day?

Unknown-1We love this city. We love its people. And everyone loves our beautiful handmade jewellery!

#madeyoulookgood is our campaign to celebrate all of these wonderful things. We thought about doing it exclusively online and then we remembered how awesome real, live people can be. And what do these people want? Free things, of course, and FUN!

On August 1st, we’ll step out into our lovely Parkdale streets and randomly ask a stranger two questions:

1.     Do you have Twitter?

2.     Do you like wearing pretty things?

This lucky person will get to wear a one-of-a-kind-RING designed by Ashley Winnington Ball, a Toronto-based artist, while going about their normal—or not so normal—life. We don’t like releasing our babies into the wild without accountability. Accompanying the ring, you’ll find an identity card. It asks that you share at least one (1) tweet, throughout the day, that explains what kind of adventure our ring had using the #madeyoulookgood hashtag. Tweets will be PG13 preferably. But get creative, you sassy wonder, you. If you see this contest as an opportunity to complete that grade 12 photo essay you skipped, go wild! Photos, videos, whatever. You can tweet from the perspective of the ring, or use your own fine thoughts! Just share the journey.

The only catch is that before the clock strikes 12 am, you must hand the ring off to another stranger by asking those same two key questions above.

Then we’ll all sit back and watch as our lil beauty makes its way around this bumping city, by searching #madeyoulookgood.

Pay it forward is a concept we love to keep alive in our vocabulary. Did we mention that you’ll also get a 25% discount off your next purchase just by participating? You deserve it!


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