Watch Repairs

We offer in-house watch repair service with a fast turnaround. Our watch repair technician has 10 years of experience in the industry and is happy to assist you with all of your watch repair needs. 

Standard Watch Battery Change $15

(Optional Water Pressure Test and External Wash +$15)

Luxury Watch Battery Change (Pressure Test and External Washing not optional) $45

Watch Band Adjustment $12

New Pin for Watch Band or Watch Case $5/ea

Affix Fallen Markers or Watch Hands $25

Standard Round Flat Crystal Replacement $30

Standard Round Domed Crystal Replacement $40

Generic Non-Standard Crystal Replacement (square, oval, rectangle) $60

For the following repairs, an estimate needs to be given due to large variety of prices:

Quartz Watch Not Working

Mechanical or Automatic Watch Not Working

Watch Case and/or Bracelet Refinishing

Replacement Bracelets, Straps, Links, Clasps, Buckles or Watch Components (Especially for sourcing original parts from the manufacturer)