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Engraving is a lovely way to make a piece of jewellery extra special. There are a variety of ways to achieve the engraved look and a variety of objects that can be engraved, including: knives, zippos, flasks, frames, ornaments, and pens. It can be done using the traditional method of hand engraving. However, there is also machine engraving and laser engraving. Each results in a slightly different look and feel. The content that you provide will often dictate which method will be best to use. 

Laser Engraving:

$20 set up fee per piece + $1.50 per character (set up fee waived if more than 20 characters).

Images/Logos: starting at $50. Please email us a picture plus dimensions for an accurate quote.

Extra Deep Engraving: 

$20 additional

Same Day Service: 

$20 additional. Please call or email ahead.

Machine Engraving:

Prices start at $3 per letter 

Hand Engraving: