We’re here for your jewellery emergencies!
Repair and Alterations
Repairs on your jewellery
We will fix your broken jewellery. Have you experienced a jewellery tragedy? We’re here to make it better. Repairs of every kind are welcome. Show us what you have and we will tell you what can be done. No job is too small, however, it is important to note that not all jewellery can be repaired. There are some pieces that may simply need to go to rest in jewellery heaven. Normal turn-around on repairs is between 1 and 2 weeks.
Repairs on our jewellery
Like your favourite pair of jeans that have become worn out at the knees, over time your jewellery will deteriorate and need a ‘patch job’ too. If your purchase requires repair due to a defect in materials or fabrication, it will be done free of charge. Pieces of jewellery from our store that have deteriorated over time with normal wear may be subject to normal repair prices.For more information on any of the following techniques and repair methods, please give us a call, send us an email or visit the shop anytime. If you bring in several repairs at one time we can offer you a bulk order discount.

Checking and Cleaning
Bring in your special jewellery to be checked and cleaned. Are any stones loose? Are all the claws/prongs intact? Do the stones look dull from trapped debris? Let’s give your piece a once over. Starting at $35
( additional charges will apply if repair is required )
Re-polishing and Refinishing
Is your piece of jewellery tired looking? Bring it back to life by having it re-polished and refinished. Remove dings and scratches. Make the edges crisp again. Recreate a matte or sandblasted finish. Starting at $40
Jewellery breaks, it’s just a sad fact. However, in most cases we can solder it back together and it will be just like new again! We will use a torch soldering method or laser soldering method depending on the repair. Starting at $25 per solder joint.
Has one of your favourite things become un-stuck? We can re-stick it for you. Although gluing may appear to be a simple task, using the right kind of glue for the right materials is key in order for long term success. Leave it to the pros! Epoxy, Cementing and Chemical Bonding. Starting at $12.
Soft Soldering
Depending on the circumstances and the metals and materials involved, there are instances where we will suggest soft soldering a piece of broken jewellery. Soft solder is kind of like a metal glue, the advantage is that there is only minimal heat used, but the down side it that it is not the world most secure bond. Starting at $25 per joint.
Cold Connections
If soldering and gluing are not going to do the trick on your “tricky” piece of jewellery. It may be time to consider creating a cold connection. We will use a technique known as riveting, like using a tiny nail or bars to hold a piece of jewellery together. Starting at $25 per rivet.
Ring Sizing
Most Rings can be sized up or down without a great deal of difficulty, the more complex the ring is, the more challenging the repair will be. (Prices in Silver are for sizing up and down)

Simple Silver Ring Thin – Starting at $25
Simple Silver Ring Medium – Starting at $45
Simple Silver Ring Thick – Starting at $75
Silver Ring Thin with Pattern/Patina – Starting at $35
Silver Ring Medium with Pattern/Patina – Starting at $55
Silver Ring Thick with Pattern/Patina – Starting at $85
Silver Ring Thin with Stone – Starting at $45
Silver Ring Medium with Stone – Starting at $65
Silver Ring Thick with Stone – Starting at $85
(Prices in Gold are for sizing down only)
Simple Gold Ring Thin – Starting at $45
Simple Gold Ring Medium – Starting at $65
Simple Gold Ring Thick – Starting at $85
Gold Ring Thin with Pattern – Staring at $55
Gold Ring Medium with Pattern – Starting at $75
Gold Ring Thick with Pattern – Starting at $95
Gold Ring Thin with Stone – Starting at $65
Gold Ring Medium with Stone – Starting at $80
Gold Ring Thick with Stone – Starting at $95
Platinum Rings – Starting at $85Gold or Platinum Rings that are being sized up ( made bigger ) will be quoted individually based on the amount and type of gold or platinum that will need to be added.

It is normal for a ring to change from feeling loose and snug throughout the day. This relates to changes in body temperature and water retention. Accepting that these fluctuations will occur is the best way to feel happy about the “fit” of your ring.

Replacing Lost Stones
Over time it is normal for stones to come loose, especially small stones. We can source something as close as possible to what you have lost, or we can replace it with something different. The cost of the stone and the cost of re-setting it will be determined based on the value of the stone and the complexity of the setting.
Re-Setting Stones
So your stone came loose, but it didn’t get lost! This is amazing! We can re-set your stone for you. First we will determine how the stone came out in the first place and then secure it in its setting again. Additional charges may apply if a setting needs to be rebuilt. Starting at $50
Stone Cutting
Do you have a stone that you would like to incorporate into a piece of jewellery? Perhaps it is a pebble from the beach or a smooth un-faceted gemstone that you would like to use in some special way. We can cut the stone to a specific size to fit your unique design. Starting at $50
Re-Tipping Claws
The tiny prongs that help to secure a stone in its setting are very prone to becoming damaged. There is not a lot of metal there and over time they can wear thin. Having a strong setting insures that your stone will be safe. Starting at $80 for 4 claws.
Do you have a thin antique or vintage ring that needs to be re-shanked? Perhaps you have inherited something that you would like to wear but it looks too fragile? We can bring more integrity to a fragile ring by simply replacing the bottom half with new metal. Re-Shanking starting at $85, cost depends greatly on the type of metal we will be using.
Over time the plating ( a thin top layer of metal ) can wear off of a piece of jewellery and exposed a different coloured metal underneath. We can re-plate your jewellery and make it look like new again.
Yellow or Rose Gold Plating Starting at $65
Rhodium Plating Starting at $65
There are 2 different methods of restringing a broken necklace or bracelet. One is to string each bead on a cord and fasten it at the ends, using a thin stainless steel cable that is coated in nylon that can support the weight of heavier beads. The other is to string each bead on a cord and tie small knots in the cord in between each bead, insuring that each bead is secure, stable and does not move at all on the cord. Restringing Starts at $2 per inch. Restringing with knots starts at $3 per inch. 

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