Nadia Werchola
  • Velia Triple Marquis Red Sapphire Ring
  • Velia’s Crown Red Sapphire Ring
  • Velia’s Crown Gold and Ruby V Ring
    Price available upon request.
  • Arria Rose Cut Diamond Ring
  • Aurelia Rose Cut Diamond Ring
  • Tacita Octagonal Diamond Ring
  • Tacita Ruby Ring
  • Tacita Three Stone Sapphire Ring
  • Tacita Cognac Diamond Ring
  • Varinia Ruby Ring
  • Tacita Hexagon Grey Diamond Ring
  • Ellen Granulated Diamond Wedding Band
  • Tarna Rough Diamond Wedding Set
    Rough diamond 10 carat gold wedding ring handmade Toronto
    $955 - $975
  • Hadriana Rose Cut Pear Diamond Ring
  • Nerva Rough Diamond Bar Ring
  • Akira Facet Wedding Band
    18 K Rose gold wedding ring handmade Toronto
  • Portia Black Diamond Eternity Band
  • Gaia Facet Yellow Sapphire Ring
  • Gaia Marquis Red Sapphire Ring
  • Tacita Solitaire Diamond Ring
    Engagement ring Diamond gold organic handmade Toronto
  • Tacita Rose Cut Diamond Ring
    Engagement ring with diamond Gold hand made Toronto
  • Sapphire Facet Ring
    Engagement ring with Sapphire Gold organic handmade Toronto
  • Rana Pod Diamond Cluster Ring
    Champagne diamond engagement ring gold handmade Toronto
  • Septima Rough Diamond Halo Ring
    Champagne diamond engagement halo ring handmade Toronto
  • Isidora Green Sapphire Engagement Ring
    Green sapphire gold engagement ring handmade Toronto
  • Masu Granulated Wedding Bands
    10 karat White and yellow gold wedding rings handmade Toronto
    $375 - $875
  • Tarna Rough Diamond Ring
    Rock diamond 10 karat gold wedding band handmade Toronto
  • Isidora Yellow Sapphire Ring

  • Nadia Werchola

    Nadia Werchola’s jewellery collection begins with each unique gemstone. After carefully selecting only the most rare and unusual rough cuts and colours she transforms each gem by encasing them into her own raw, edgy, angular handmade settings. She enjoys using graulation and dark patinas to deepen the texture and intensify the look of each piece.

    The style is modern, urban, bold, and strong that is also able to offer a feminine quality that touches the ancient goddess within. There is a regal quality to Nadia’s work that fills the collection with an air of status and power, it is impossible to not take on some of that energy while wearing this work.

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