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Shuang Feng

Gold Ribbed Ring

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Jeweller: Shuang Feng
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Shuang Feng

I was born and raised in the city of Nanjing, in China. spent four years earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial design, through which I developed an interest in 3D computer modeling. In my early design pursuits, the majority of my creative output was furniture and multifunctional desk accessories, modelled and photo-realistically rendered in the computer. After graduation, I went to Milan, Italy for a short three-month design workshop in Politecnico de Milano. The rich design culture in Italy greatly inspired me, and I realizes the need to express myself through a different art form. Shortly after Milan, I arrived at Toronto and started my search for that new medium.

I started at OCADU in 2012, and enrolled in Material Art& Design. I immediately fell in love with jewellery design for its combination of artistry and technical precision with the goal of effortless wear-ability. Jewellery for me is a carefully calculated art which serves a purpose; it is highly personal. It was a revelation to me that through jewelry, I have the capacity to communicate my vision intimately with the wearer.

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