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Antykthera Brass Necklace

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient analogue computer. It was used to predict astronomical positions, eclipses, as well as the ancient Olympic Game cycles. This artifact was discovered in a shipwreck, off the Greek island of Antikythera and is dated to about 150-100 BC. Available in bronze, brass and sterling silver. 24″ adjustable chain length.


Jeweller: Arsaeus
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Arsaeus Designs is a Toronto-based jewellery brand. The designer and metalsmith is an OCAD University graduate. Following her travels throughout Mediterranean Europe and North Africa, her fascination for Moorish and Classical design began to heavily influence her artistic work. The Arsaeus collection features fine interpretations of ancient architecture and decorative artifacts, handmade into brass, bronze and sterling silver. Pure geometries and organic motifs are derived, recombined and forged into rings and necklaces with historic and mythological allure.

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