Made You Look was Toronto’s first collective jewellery studio for professional designers, established in 2001. At any given time there are approximately 20 self-employed jewellery designers who create on-site in our fully-equipped Jewellery manufacturing facility. We are known as a jewellery makers’ hub and are a vital part of the Metal and Jewellery Arts Community in Toronto. Our Studio is a one-of-a-kind environment and it is fueled by the talent within. Modeled after the facilities at George Brown College, Made You Look is a launching pad for designers and a breath of fresh air for established designers who have been working in isolation.

As Toronto’s most established collective jewellery studio, Made You Look has distinguished itself as being a studio for professional jewellers only. We hope this is what is appealing about our space. No short term rentals and no jewellery making classes. This insures that our environment can support and promote jewellers who are running viable businesses and who are creating pieces with real value and integrity, instead of saturating the market with hobbyists.

Every year Made You Look offers The Made You Look Entrepreneur Award to a graduating student from the George Brown College Jewellery Arts Program. This award goes to a graduating student who has demonstrated entrepreneurial drive and who has a great business or marketing plan and product. The award recipient receives 3 months bench rent free at Made You Look, to help jump-start their career. The application must include: Jewellery or photos of jewellery, a business plan for the 3 months at Made You Look and the following 3 months, an orientation and interview at Made You Look prior to the jurying process.

2018 Award Recipient

2018 Award Recipient

The business plan must include answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a self employed jewellery designer or metalsmith?
  2. Why do you want to launch your career at Made You Look?
  3. How are you going to get started? What are the first things you are going to do?
  4. What is going to set you apart from other designers?
  5. Are you filling a specific need with your product? Target market? Price points?
  6. Describe your work ethic. Are you self motivated?
  7. Do you enjoy working with people?
  8. Do you have a marketing plan? Name? Business Cards? Logo?
  9. Have you had any experience selling your work? Have you done any shows or created custom designs for clients?
  10. Briefly describe the jewellery you make, equipment needed and techniques.
  11. Do you plan on creating a production line, limited production, one-of-a-kind work, commissions or something else?
  12. What is your interest with regard to the metal community at large? Where do you fit in the jewellery community?
  13. Do you have a loan or financial backing that will help you get your business off the ground?
  14. Made You Look is an open studio environment where your success is everyone’s success. As a new designer your business will be able to develop more quickly with the help of the designers around you. In order to create balance in an environment like this, what do you think you can offer the studio or individual designers in return?