Liane Vaz
  • Engraved Silver Deathly Hallows Pendant
  • Memento Mori Hair Pendant
  • Sterling Silver Insignia Ring
  • Silver Dog Tag with Handwritten Engraving
    Starting at $200
  • Rose Gold and Diamond Hexagon Cufflinks
    Price available upon request.
  • Hand Engraved Silver Insignia Ring
  • Set of 5 Hand Engraved Signet Rings
    Price available upon request.
  • Italian Inscription Silver Ring
  • Silver Pendant with Handwritten Engraving
    Starting at $175
  • Distressed Gold Pinky Signet Ring
    Price available upon request.
  • Hand Engraved Feather Signet Ring
  • Gold and Black Diamond Distressed Signet Ring
    Price available upon request.
  • Engraved Silver Heart Pendant
    Starting at $90
  • Engraved Distressed Signet Ring
  • Astrologic Triple Face Signet

  • Liane Vaz

    Liane Vaz is a designer and maker based in downtown Toronto. Born from a mother who works in sales and a father who is a traffic coordinator in a warehouse – it would be a little difficult to derive where Liane got her creativity from.┬áBut Liane’s mother is draws the most beautiful designs while on the phone. And her dad comes up with the most ridiculous (but witty) “dad jokes” and puns. And they had a child who latched on to the creative part of her personality and pursued it professionally.

    A graduate of OCAD University, Liane uses her skills as a goldsmith and her experience with alternative materials to create every day and special-occasion pieces. Liane loves to explore naturally occurring patterns and precise geometry to create contemporary jewellery using both traditional techniques and innovative computer aided design.

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