Ring and Grove Co

My woodworking journey began when I left plumbing to work with a log home building company. My main tools were sharp chisels, a drawknife, levels and a chainsaw. I was doing very fine work with that chainsaw. Cutting on a pencil line to be exact! This really helped me achieve an eye for detail for all that I was creating. One of the main differences about the kind of woodwork I was doing is I was using Green wood, or freshly cut timbers. This kind of woodwork brings a different perspective on woodworking, because you can really see the way wood grows, and see the way your tool affects the fresh fibres. Wood is so flexible when fresh, and when used correctly can bring great strength. With my rings, I aim to make an object that helps bring you to a special place or a memory. A place that you can’t just get to enough. Currently I’m wearing one of my rings made from a 100+ year old fence from my cottage. I love that place. I love a good story, I love creating with wood, and I love simple objects that hold great meaning. That’s my mission as a maker.

Our COVID-19 Policies

We are open and you are welcome in our store 7 days a week!

No Appointment Required – we are limiting the number of customers in the shop, so you may be asked to wait outside for a short time. We are also assisting curbside based on your needs. 

You can also shop from our website and we will be here to assist you virtually.

Please send us a text at 416 463 2136 and we will get right back to you.

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We are currently offering a $10 to $15 next day delivery service for the GTA, based on location.