Melanie Leblanc

Melanie grew up on a rocky island in Northern Ontario where the dramatic landscape imparted her with a deep affinity for the natural world. Her experiences in nature since a child have become an integral part of her art making. “I commonly use found objects, mostly organic in nature, as research material. I get great fulfilment in working with discarded metal and stones. Rather than using conventional methods, I prefer to explore various ancient alloying and casting techniques in my work. Reclaimed karat gold, sterling silver, copper, brass, and bronze are my current metals of choice. My strong preference is to create original jewellery pieces that are one-of-a-kind and completely handcrafted. Metal is often considered a cold, stagnate and mechanical material but I choose to challenge that notion. I reach completion when the natural forms I create seemingly come alive and begin to develop a life of their own.”