The vibrancy of our shops and stores on our main retail streets in Toronto play a profound role in the well being of our communities. Many small independent retailers take great pride in offering high quality, beautifully crafted items that are made with integrity and support our larger social fabric. By shopping in these local stores you are putting your money where your values are. When gifts are given that are one-of-a-kind they can carry more meaning and are held on to with even more significance. At Made You Look all of our jewellery falls into this category but can be taken to the next level with unique customizations, such as engraving, setting birthstones, or adding fingerprints. There is a real awakening that is occurring and people are realizing that if we don’t take care of the things that we value, they might not be around forever. Every time someone shops in a bricks and mortar store, an angel gets its wings 🙂 Yes, shopping local and in-person matters!