During your design consultations you will be fully informed about your piece of jewellery and the qualities and or limitations of its materials. Your jewellery designer will educate you on how to look after your piece of jewellery and how to maintain it so it can last a lifetime.

Removing your jewellery during heavy activity will help to ensure it’s integrity. If your piece of jewellery requires repair due to a defect in materials or fabrication, the repair will be done free of charge.

If your jewellery has become damaged, or deteriorated over time with normal wear, the repair may be subject to normal repair charges.
Ring sizing will be done free of charge immediately after purchase or first wearing.

Ring sizing due to weight gain or loss, body changes or switching fingers will be subject to normal alteration charges.
If small stones are lost within the first 6 months, they will be replaced free of charge. Losing small stones after 6 months may be subject to normal replacement charges.

Any piece of jewellery that has been custom made can not be returned and money will not be refunded.