1. Come into the shop or inquire with us via email about your project.

2. Pick which designer you would like to work with, by checking out their work in person or on-line. Or have us match you up with the most appropriate designer based on your unique needs.

3. Establish the details of the project.

4. Pay a 50% deposit to start the work.

5. Have 1-3 meetings and see 1-3 drawings or wax model before completion.

6. Pick up the finished piece and pay remaining balance.

*Once there is a full and clear understanding of your request, an estimate will be prepared for you. Once you receive your quote, it will be valid for 2 weeks, due to the fluctuating price of gold.

*Diamonds and gemstones will be held for 1 week maximum, before being made available to other customers.

*Gemstones valued at $5000 and up must be paid for in full.