Of all the jewellery stores in Toronto you picked Toronto’s best jewellery store for custom jewellery design, so that is step #1! We are home to some of Toronto’s best custom jewellers. Inquire with us in store or via email about your custom jewellery ideas. You can start by checking out our in-house jewellery designers, in person or online, to see who catches your eye and best matches your style. Once we have established the details of the project, a quote for your custom jewellery design will be provided and a deposit is required to start the work. Working with a jewellery designer on your handmade jewellery piece typically consists of 1 to 3 meetings where you will see drawings or wax models before completion of the final work. Our famous Toronto jewellery shop has been in business for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on offering a unique, memorable and inspiring custom jewellery experience.