In our Toronto Jewellery store we offer so many options beyond the classic diamond solitaire engagement ring.  For example, many of our clients choose sapphires as the focal point of their engagement ring. Did you know that sapphires come in every colour of the rainbow, including soft pastel colours like light peach or teal or grey?!  Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on earth, they are a 10/10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is one of the reasons they have been so compelling to use in jewellery, both for symbolic and practical reasons. Sapphires are a 9/10 on the hardness scale so they are a wonderful alternative to diamonds and can offer an almost equal amount of durability over the long term.

We also sell alternatives to the traditional white diamond, including salt and pepper diamonds, champagne, cognac or chocolate diamonds and black diamonds. While not considered “flawless” due to variations in colour and inclusions they have increased in popularity in fine jewellery for their charm and uniqueness.