Erin Hakin
  • Silver Enamel Pendant
  • ‘Marianne’ Champagne Diamond Asymmetrical Ring
  • 14K Gold Modern Ring
  • 14K Gold Peridot Earrings
  • 14K Gold Modern Necklace
  • 60′s Modern Silver Pendant
  • 60′s Modern Silver Ring
  • Silver Filigree Pendant
  • 60′s Modern Gemstone Pendant
  • 60′s Modern 18K Gold Ring
  • 60′s Modern Silver Pendant
  • Silver Enamel Earrings
    $135 each
  • Silver Enamel Rings
    $195 each
  • 60′s Modern Silver Pendant
  • Silver Square Bangle

  • Erin Hakin

    As an artist, I have always been drawn to shapes, patterns and colour. Initially, making jewellery was a way to stimulate my mind by constructing arrangements of beads and stones. Over time, my creativity and training evolved to making pieces using precious metals and gemstones. My inspiration is both visual and intuitive and is derived from a variety of sources.

    The work I am currently making is drawn from my personal relationship and interest in the coastal forests of British Columbia. I look at the beauty in renewal and strive to create asymmetrical pieces that capture the same balance created by nature. The esthetic I use to fabricate each piece has a strong influence from my studies of mid-century modern jewellery. Designing and creating jewellery is my way of leaving a mark in the world of art, design and style.

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