Yuliya Chorna
  • Bandage Pendant
    Sterling silver & garnet
  • Sterling silver garnet earrings
    Gold plated
  • Brass fold formed pendants
  • “Moon”
    Brass & sterling silver earrings
  • Wide bandage ring
  • Fluorite brass pendant
  • Herkimer diamonds
    Sterling silver & brass rings
  • Bandaid rings
    Silver and brass - $135
    Silver - $110
  • Synclastic earrings, brass, copper, silver, patina
  • Taper brass pendant, fold formed brass, white car paint, gold plated chain
Yuliya Chorna
Yuliya’s work has evolved through years of experimentation and process driven practice. Most of her signature pieces have been derived from rough ideas based on the nature of materials and techniques used. It’s the process of refining those ideas that brings the final pieces together. Yuliya finds her inspiration in nature and everyday objects. She likes to engage the viewer. Her jewellery reflects her focus on form and shape with a playful element of colour.

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