Yuliya Chorna
  • Sterling silver
    Cat’s tooth & diamond pendant
  • 14k white gold
    Diamond & rubies family ring
  • Sterling silver
    Gold plated Molar tooth ring
  • “Horus Eye” 14k yellow gold
    Opal & cubic ring
  • 14k white gold
    Antique Indian turquoise & diamonds engagement ring
  • Sterling silver
    Baby teeth & diamonds engagement ring
  • 14k yellow gold
    Diamonds Bow ring
Yuliya Chorna
There is a unique character that comes with Yuliya’s customized work. She combines attention to details and creative execution in her process to come up with well designed, quality pieces of jewellery. While pushing the boundaries of what is traditional, each project is a special experience for both the client and the maker. Yuliya enjoys developing a relationship that is built of conversation and a mutual understanding of the clients’ needs.

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