Alastair Crombie
  • Rockwell Commander Cufflinks
    Sterling Silver
  • Aquamarine Infinity Bracelet with Diamonds
    14k Palladium White Gold, Aquamarine and Diamonds
  • Aquamarine Infinity Pendant with Diamonds
    14k Palladium White Gold, Aquamarines and Diamonds
  • Ruby Circuit Earrings
    14k White gold with Rubies
  • Mobius Cufflinks
    Sterling Silver
  • Amber Pendant and Brooch
    Natural Amber and Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver Dog Tag
    Material: Oxidized Sterling Silver and Vinyl Dog Collar
  • Sterling Silver Toothpicks with Leather Cases
    Sterling silver and Leather
    $300 ea
  • Mitsuro Belt Buckle and Belt
    Cast Bronze and Leather
  • Scribble Belt Buckle and Belt
    Nickle, Sterling silver and leather
  • Soccer Belt Buckle and Belt
    Nickle, Sterling Silver and leather
  • Mitsuro Belt Buckle and Belt
    Solid Sterling Silver and Leather
  • Kelk Belt Buckle and Belt
    Nickel Silver and Leather
  • Crunch Belt Buckles and Belts
    Brass, Copper and leather
    $1,200 ea
  • Fire Belt Buckle and Belt
    Copper, Brass and leather
  • Water Belt Buckle and Belt
    Nickle, Sterling silver and leather
  • Darwin Belt Buckle
    Oxidized Nickle Silver, Black Leather
  • Tread Ring
    Oxidized Sterling Silver
  • Blue Sapphire ‘Once’ Pendant with Diamonds
    14k White gold, Blue Sapphire, Single Cut Diamonds
  • EGI Anode Lapel Pins
    Sterling silver, Brass, Copper, Electrode Hair net Caps
    This item is not for sale
Alastair Crombie
Embarking on the custom design process is exciting, fascinating and engaging. With boundless creativity and a multitude of techniques and finishes in his repertoire, Alastair Crombie will guide you to the ideal result. As a versatile designer, he can create pieces that range from stylish custom belt buckles to a stunning engagement ring with family diamonds. Before signing a contract, you will receive accurate quotes, realistic drawings or renderings and be shown a variety of actual stones. Integrating both ancient and modern techniques Alastair will help you invent that one-of-a-kind piece and make your special idea come to life.

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