Alastair Crombie
  • Gold Mitsuro Drops with Champagne Diamonds and Smokey Quartz
    14k Yellow Gold, Champagne Diamonds and Smokey Quartz
  • Gold 'Mitsuro' Studs with Green Tourmalines
    14k Yellow Gold, Green tourmaline
  • Silver Mitsuro Drops with Tourmalinated Quartz
    Materials: Sterling silver and Tourmalinated Quartz
  • Gold Mitsuro Drops with Champagne Diamonds and Red Tourmalines
    14k Yellow Gold, Champagne Diamonds, Red Tourmalines
  • Silver Mitsuro Studs with Aquamarines
    Sterling Silver and Aquamarines
  • Gold Mitsuro Studs with Rose Tourmalines
    14k Yellow gold and Tourmalines
  • Gold 'Mitsuro' Studs with Diamonds
    4k Yellow Gold and Diamonds
  • Gold Mitsuro Studs with Citrines
    14k Yellow Gold and Citrines
  • Gold 'Mitsuro Infinity' Pendant with Diamonds
    14k Yellow Gold and Diamonds
  • Silver and Bronze Mitsuro Infinity Pendants on Leather Cord
    Sterling Silver, Cast Bronze and Leather Cord
    $110 / $135 ea
  • Mitsuro Bangles
    Sterling Silver, Oxidized Silver and Cast Bronze
    $395 / $395 / $250
  • White Gold 'Mitsuro Infinity' Pendant with Diamonds
    14k White Gold and Diamonds
  • White Gold Mitsuro Cufflinks with Black Diamonds
    14k White Gold and Rose Cut Black diamonds
  • Ball Burr Earrings
    Tool Steel, Sterling Silver
  • Heart Burr Earrings
    Tool steel, Sterling Silver
    $95 / $125 / $145
  • Heart Burr ‘Three Stone’ Ring
    Tool Steel, Sterling Silver
  • Heart Burr ‘Rose Gold’ Ring
    Tool Steel, Copper Alloy *not gold
  • 45° Heart Burr ‘Golden’ ring
    Tool steel, Brass Alloy *not gold
  • File Rings
    Tool Steel, 18k-ish Gold
    $595 / $695
  • Silver Mitsuro Bangles
    Sterling Silver / Oxidized Sterling Silver
    $395/ $570
  • Silver Mitsuro ‘Ice’ pendant with CZ
    Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconias
  • Brass Mitsuro Bangles
    Brass Alloy
    $250 / $570
  • Small Silver Mitsuro ‘Ice’ pendant
    Sterling Silver
  • ‘Mitsuro’ Cufflinks
    Sterling Silver
Alastair Crombie
Since 2009 Alastair Crombie has been developing and refining his Mitsuro-Hikime jewellery collection. Discovered in an out-of-print book, the Mitsuro wax technique uses a lost-wax casting process. While traditional wax models are carved, extruded or injected, this technique differs because the wax model is manipulated directly with the hands. The intricate Hikime texture of the finished piece is achieved when the soft wax is warmed in the hands, then pulled, stretched and folded on itself. The beauty of the texture hangs in a delicate balance: too warm and the wax will slump; too cold and the wax will be brittle and unworkable. Despite these technical challenges, once cast into metal this ancient technique results in a beautifully complex and inimitable piece of modern jewellery.

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