Jon Pollack has mastered the art of using industrial metals to create fine jewellery. Inspired by modern contemporary shapes, he hand fabricates each unique piece, using titanium, stainless steel and zirconium. Sometimes he combines these materials together or incorporates unusual materials, such as delrin, wood, silicon and precious metals like sterling silver, gold and platinum. Anodized metals bring colour into his work and non conventional metal treatments allow Jon to explore fascinating textures and patterns. He incorporates precious gemstones, including diamonds and this metal can be engraved as well. Jon’s abilities are rare, most often these metals are turned into jewellery in factories, using industrial equipment and being produced on a very large scale. It is only through trial and error and a complete understanding of each metal and its working properties that Jon has been able to bring these industrial metals to the jewellers bench and to you. It is through experimentation, curiosity and determination that this very special collection is available today.