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Irina Pertseva

I live in Toronto, where I started to create my line several years ago. It’s my full time job now and I love what I’m doing. I used to paint and to draw but working in 3 dimension is my true passion. I use gemstones, crystals, sterling silver wire, copper wire, brass wire and acrylic coated black wire to create my one-of-a-kind designs.

My collection was developed using my own specialized wire-wrapping techniques. The work is extremely labor intensive, but the end result is truly mesmerizing. I use the wire to highlight and frame each precious gemstone, with a web of twists and turns that fold in and out of themselves to build an exquisite casing that no machine could ever recreate.

My jewellery is rich with detail and contrast. The look is mythical, regal and fantastical. Wire is a very strong and flexible medium and in many cases it’s more secure than soldering.