As an artist inspired by nature, Caitlin Jeffrey’s jewellery reflects her connection to northern Ontario.

Each enamel piece is constructed by hand, using traditional enameling techniques. Including colour blending, cloisonne, and champleve, where powdered glass is fused to the surface of a piece of metal with the use of a kiln.

Her water drop enamel line utilizes a water drop pattern and represents raindrops, similar to how a splatter pattern forms after water hits a surface, each pattern and piece of jewellery is unique. Some pieces focus on a single colour of the rainbow while others use a mixing of colours to create a rainbow effect. This line explores creating beauty in abstraction.

Caitlin’s synapses collection is inspired by the unique lines and patterns created by neural activity in the brain. The black abstract lines in her work are created from organic materials like moss which reacts with the cooling of the enamel. These curious bursts are reminiscent of how nerve endings fire together in a single moment of time. Just like the brain’s activity and its unique mapping, the technique for producing this body of work is organic and can not be identically reproduced.

Caitlin’s Sunrise and Sunset series explore the use of colour blending to create the pallet of a scenic sunrise or sunset. These two lines use traditional enameling colour blending techniques to achieve a gradation capturing the beauty of dawn to dusk.

After attending the Ontario College of Art and Design and becoming a trained goldsmith, Caitlin continues to explore her love of the natural world through cascades of colour with her vitreous enamel work.

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