• Custom Design Process
    Designer meetings and Quotes

    Meet with one of our designers in our private client meeting room. Appointments are available by request and can be made outside of our regular business hours. Your quote will include 1-2 client meetings, 3-5 drawings and 1 wax model. Once you receive your quote, the estimate will be valid for 2 weeks, due to the fluctuating price of gold. Based on our experience we have determined that it is fair and expected that you can have a beautiful custom ring made that you are thrilled about, based on what was described here. Should you be someone who requires more meetings, more drawings and more wax models, which by the way is totally fine, your original estimate may be subject to additional charges.


    Our designers need between 2 and 6 weeks to complete a project. If we are sourcing something rare or doing extensive research, then more time may be requested.

Money Talks

    Knowing your budget is an important part of the custom design process. There are numerous variables that go into creating an estimate for you. Knowing where your priorities are is very helpful. For example, the majority of our clients tend to invest more money in the design of the piece and stone quality and would rather save money on the metal component. Our goal is to bridge the gap between design expectations and budget limitations.

  • Simple as 1,2,3 – Whether you are checking us out on-line or in our store, the basic steps are the same.

    1. Check out the Custom Design photo gallery and become inspired.

    2. Send us an email with your unique request. Please include photos, drawings or any other visual tools to help describe what you would like to have made. Include measurements, finger size, length of chain and as many other details as possible. Please include metal preferences and budget if you have one.

    3. We will arrange for you to have a meeting with one of our in-house designer at Made You Look to discuss the details of your project.

    Bridging the Gap

    We understand that in some cases people can feel that the custom design process involves a leap of faith and that is true to some degree. We have a hands-on approach to custom design and in every case make our best attempt to ensure that you feel comfortable at each stage. We have numerous visual and physical tools that we use to help you envision all of the possibilities. When making the decision to have something custom made, you need to ask yourself if you think you are a person who is well suited for this type of order. Have you ever had a couch re-upholstered based on a fabric swatch? Have you ever had custom clothing made for a formal event? How were those experiences for you? Remember that not everyone is a good candidate for custom design.

    Bargain Hunters

    We guarantee to make your dollar go as far as it can go. By shopping at Made You Look you are going directly to the source and you are dealing with fewer middle men than in a normal retail setting. However, we are a store in downtown Toronto, on Queen Street West that is fully staffed and open 7 days a week. We are not trying to compete with on-line prices, and our unique product cannot be compared to what you can find on-line. We are offering an exceptional service and a valuable and unique retail shopping experience which cannot be matched by an on-line shopping faux-experience. If you have found a piece of jewellery that you like that exists already, don’t email us asking if we can make that exact piece for less money. The answer is no. Our specialty is in making jewellery that doesn’t already exist and in working with people who see the value in having something truly precious crafted and created especially for them.

    I’m melting…

    Do you have old metal that you would like use to make something new? Here is how we can help. Using your old metal to create something new is an extremely labour-intensive process and you will actually spend more money using your old metal than you would if we just started with new metal. The only time it makes sense is if there is sentimental value associated with the old metal and it is important enough to you to have the old metal in the new creation. If you are simply trying to turn your old metal into cash, then we can have the metal recycled for you. For a small service charge we can turn your metal into cash, and you can use the cash towards having a custom piece of jewellery made. We only provide this service for someone who will be commissioning a new piece of jewellery.

Late for an important date?

    Additional charges may apply for rush orders. If a designer has to work outside of their “comfort zone” or if other clients’ projects need to be pushed back to make room for a rush job a rush order charge may be added.

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